Workshop on Sustainability - Technology and Management

Workshop on Sustainability - Technology and Management


About The Event

Key Aspects of the Workshop

  • Knowledge sharing from environmental leaders, technologists and strategic analysts
  • Current and emerging sustainable technologies, trends and regulations
  • An opportunity for designers to engage with environmentally and socially responsible engineering design
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)and it’s effectiveness
  • Recycling and desalination technologies
  • Solid waste management
  •  User behaviour impacts in designs
  • Corporate social responsibility

About technology and management
Sustainable Innovation and Engineering solutions have become necessity today to ensure a better tomorrow.

Are you still wrestling with sustainability concepts?
Design for sustainability is a part of the bigger picture of development and shall go hand-in-hand to achieve objectives in most responsible form. To preserve our only planet for the future generations, today’s technocrats shall take lead for sustainable innovations and technologies.

Do you offer your client truly sustainable designs?
This workshop will explore the latest technologies and management aspects to have smarter and viable solutions leading to the sustainable implementations. Thus, help ourselves to improve wellness index without denuding our ONLY planet. It’s IET’s effort to spread the essence of sustainability directly from the experts to the engineers.

What is the workshop content?
The workshop focuses on scenario in India on sustainable designs, legislation/ regulatory framework, policies, corporate social responsibility, impacts of user behavior, eco-innovation, interdependency of water and energy, effectiveness of LEED, energy recovery challenges & solutions, carbon emission control case studies, solid waste management, recycling and desalination technologies.

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