Workshop on Engineering Plastics

Workshop on Engineering Plastics


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Indus USA Group & ETS group welcomes you for two day workshop on Engineering Plastics. Plastics is a very common material which we see in our daily life. It is so common that people fail to understand the complexity of engineering a plastic material for a specific application/Product design. This workshop will give an insight to various aspects of engineering plastics like polymers, applications, product design and manufacturing of plastics.

This course will provide in-depth information on material selection, design procedures, processing techniques and assembly methods required for designing with plastics for product design. Attendees will focus on what to expect from a polymeric material and methodologies used to simplify the design process and fully comply with the regulations and industry standards.

In addition, this course will enable OEM’s and the suppliers to communicate more effectively. The OEM’s will learn how to apply these concepts to their work, thus allowing for cost-efficiencies and fewer second thoughts when they understand the scientific basis and the fine tuning that comes with experience.A number of case histories, including short movies, will show the step-by-step procedures to successful and robust designs.

Upon the completion of this course you will have learned

Advanced concepts for plastic system and component design

How to define and use safety factors 

Determine the optimum assembly method 

Utilize commercially available software for plastic part design 

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