Workshop - Emotional Intelligence To Achieve Success In Personal And Professional Life

Workshop - Emotional Intelligence To Achieve Success In Personal And Professional Life


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Workshop - Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Success in Personal and Professional Life.

Stress Management - Leadership - Emotional Competence.

Daniel Goleman - Working with Emotional Intelligence - Both in personal and professional life, rational intelligence sets the 'mission' and Emotional Intelligence delivers the effectiveness and the results. Without 'Emotional Intelligence', our 'mission' remains mere an intention.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) -

EI guides us to develop Emotional Competence for smooth navigation in work and life.

We are rational only at times.However, we are never without emotions.IQ works only when EQ is adequate and unlike IQ, EQ can be developed.

Since Daniel Goleman published his book Emotional Intelligence in 1995, EI has became a buzzword. When Harvard Business review published an article on EI, it attracted a higher percentage of readers than any other article in last 40 years.

Why EI is important -

IQ helps secure us a job. EQ (Emotional Quotient) fetches success and guides us to move up the corporate ladder. (Research shows that EQ is twice as important as IQ).
IQ comes with life. EQ can grow with life.
IQ sets the mission. EQ delivers the results.
For effective interaction (home, office, society) one needs Emotional Competence to build rapport and avoid friction.
Team building, the essence of a thriving corporate requires controlling the self-emotion and understanding the emotions of others.This can only be achieved through Emotional Intelligence of individuals.
Corporate emphasis is on 'passion', 'sincerity' etc. These are in the domain of Emotional Intelligence.
Irrespective of the IQ level, human productivity depends on motivation, endurance which require Emotional Competence.
Stress, anxiety,anger can be managed by developing EQ and transform the corporate ambiance as a better place to work.

Workshop Benefits -

  1. Make oneself aware of one's Leadership potential.
  2. Discover self to feel an urge for change.
  3. Learn to make friends in work place and be highly Effective.
  4. Identify one's Development areas to Secure Success.
  5. Learn how to Balance Work and Life.
  6. Learn to feel for others to build a leadership edge.
  7. Learn to Reduce the Stress Level.
  8. Learn to Avoid Conflict.

Fees and Registration: Two Days Workshops - The fee which covers lunch & tea/coffee on both the days and reading material, is Rs 11,750/- plus service tax @10% Plus education cess @3% = Rs. 12,961/- per participant. For the organizations sending three and more delegates the fee is Rs. 10,750/- plus service tax @10% Plus education cess @3% = Rs. 11,857/- per participant.

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