Women and Money - How to have Inner world create your Outer World (Women Only Workshop)

Women and Money - How to have Inner world create your Outer World (Women Only Workshop)


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About The Event

What’s your relationship with money like? Is money a good friend you take the time to stay in touch with, or do you only think about it when it’s time to pay the bills?

It’s important to understand your relationship with money.

• Are you a spender or a saver?

• Do you spend more if you’re bored, angry or depressed?

• What did you learn about money when you were growing up?

• Do you feel like thinking about money too much is ‘selfish’ or ‘greedy’?

In three days You will Unfold...

    * Live the life of your dreams
    * Earn the money you deserve
    * Build the wealth you desire
    * Step fully into your power
    * Make a difference in the world
    * Put FUN into finances
    * Take control of your money and your life
    * Know your WORTH
    * What are your beliefs about you and Money
    * Trusting yourself with Money

make financial decisions from a place of knowledge - not fear, ignorance, or habit!

Workshop Facilitor: Mona Jagga

Mona Jagga has worked in Financial Industry for very long time. She is an Author, Real Estate Expert, Personal and Business Coach, Corporate Trainer and much more.. You can read more about Mona Jagga at this link:


Workshop is designed to have you tap into your full potential so that you can lead the life of your dreams without Approval from others, self doubt and self worth.

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