Winning Strategies for Stock Markets

Winning Strategies for Stock Markets


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About The Event

Understanding stock markets has always been a mystery. How is it that only a few are able to bear the fruits of this investment vehicle and most have sour experiences? There is something that few people know and that makes them successful in stock markets. Otherwise, how is it that the richest person in the world is a stock market investor and not an industrialist or an entrepreneur?

We can share with you what the winners know and how they do it. Lot of people raise this question that if everyone can know how to do it, then everyone would be rich, right? But that is not the case, how? Let us think for a minute. Look around you. You could be an engineer, a commerce graduate, a MBA, or even a Doctor. You must have studied from a college and should have about 50 – 200 people in your batch depending on the college. Are all the students today at the same place? Why is there a difference? Maybe right opportunities knocked at right times for some people.

This is the right opportunity knocking at you right now. Register for this very special session on “Winning strategies for Stock Markets” and change the way you think about money and investments forever.

We have designed 4 power packed tracks (2 Hrs each) to give you the insight into the practical aspect of making money in stock markets.

Track 1: How stock markets work?

This track will bring you up to the speed on how these investment opportunities are created. It will cover the basics, the theory of supply and demand and the traits of winning companies. The session will also introduce different products which are traded in the markets.

Track 2: Practical approach to Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is the ability to analyse the financial statements of the companies and picking the winning companies before-hand. The session will cover specific things to look at and talk about the parameters which affect the fundamentals. This will help you in picking good stocks from a medium to long term perspective.

Track 3: High probability winning setups in Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is study of charts. The price of a product is mapped to the time and analysing the price movements, one can take rational decisions on when to buy and when to sell. The session will cover basics of charts, some commonly used indicators and the winning setups that will help in choosing the right buy and sell points for a given .

Track 4: Money management and Trading Psychology

Experience is something that can only be gained and not taught. But it can be shared. The most important track for the day will cover aspects of money management, setting return targets, understand market psychology and make trading and investing rules.

About the trainer:

Our trainers are experienced traders and investors, who will be sharing the experience from the stock markets. One of our trainers is Gaurav Wadekar. He is the Director of Just2Trade and has more than 11 years of experience in stock markets. His passion for education backed investment has enabled him to help many investors and traders across the world to be successful in this field.

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