Why Should anybody be Led by You

Why Should anybody be Led by You


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About The Event

Great Leadership Excites People to Exceptional Performance
Successful leaders modify their behaviours to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter – while simultaneously remaining true to who they are. They produce results by being crystal clear on their unique differentiators and by addressing the four critical needs of their followers.

Leadership Is a Relationship Between Leaders and Followers

It’s like all relationships; it is somewhat fragile in condition and needs to be carefully and constantly cultivated. Yet too many leaders hone prescriptive behaviours outside the context of their followers, emulating celebrity CEOs and bosses they admire. They try to be people they aren’t and as a result, they often fail. If they fail, their organization will, too. Successful leaders demonstrate great leadership – the kind that excites people to exceptional performance.”


Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? is based on the prestigious McKinsey Award winner and highest downloaded HBR article and book by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones. BlessingWhite and Goffee & Jones have an exclusive global partnership for the creation, customizing and delivery of the ‘Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?’ leadership experience.  The program effectively brings out the real purpose of leadership which is exciting others to exceptional performance and it equips leaders to more effectively do this by examining their own personal values and understanding their followers’ needs. Thus instead of focussing exclusively on what the leader does, this program examines the importance of the relationship between leader and follower.

Who should attend?

This leadership experience is ideal for all leaders who wish to develop their Leadership Impact and enhance organization’s performance. It is also ideal for all potential leaders who are honing their capabilities to take on new and expanded responsibilities.

Key concepts 

The CASE Framework… A practical way for leaders to understand the needs of their followers and re-evaluate their approach to leadership by building their CASE:

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