Water Walk / Tour - Hill Of Playful Holy Waters At Dilli Haat

Water Walk / Tour - Hill Of Playful Holy Waters At Dilli Haat


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Water Walk / Tour - Hill Of Playful Holy Waters: A tour to Govardhan & Vrindavan.

Places: Delhi / Vrindavan / Govardhana.

Starting & Ending Point - Dilli Haat, INA, New Delhi: Saturday 6 March, 7 am sharp. Tour ends at Dilli Haat on Sunday 7 August, 10 pm.

Dress Code:

Kesariya Saffron (Day 1)
Liquidy Blue (Day 2)

 This two day tour will take us to the magical land of Braj, to explore the sacred ecology of the abode of Krishna. We will spend the first day in Vrindavan, about three hours drive from Delhi - the grove where Krishna performed his lilas. We will visit the six main temples of Vrindavan and witness the many forms of Krishna.

The following day, we will circumambulate the hill of Govardhana, a natural manifestation of Krishna himself. The place is charged with an extraordinary energy and instills love of Krishna in the devotee's mind. Govardhan is truly a rare spectacle of ecology - the sacred hill is abundant with water bodies, and green groves. The hill is dotted with many sacred ponds and water bodies invested with divine properties. Radha Kund - the pond belonging to Radha, Shyama Kund, Manasi Ganga - a manifestation of the Ganga in Brajabhoomi, Kusum Sarovar - with stunning Rajasthani architecture and frescoes; and countless others, where the lord performed his playful pastimes with the gopis. This tour celebrates the intrinsic and inseparable connection of Krishna, the monsoon man with ecology, and water.

As part of The Monsoon Festival 6.

Registration Details:

Rs. 7,500/- per person on twin sharing.
Rs. 8,000/- per person on single occupancy.
Discounted pricing for children below 10.
Includes: Accommodation, travel, local transportation and all meals.
Does not include other personal expenses.
Accommodation at Anand Krishna Van Guest House - A/c rooms.
See http://anandakrishnavan.com/ for details.

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