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Want it ? Get it.


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About The Event

10 Exclusive Reasons for you to Register for the Excelerated Accomplishment workshop –


“Want it ? Get it.“ by Brig Sushil Bhasin.


Over 20 achievers will be joining in to excelrate their performance to realise their dreams on Sat 23 Apr 16. Brig Sushil Bhasin, an experienced and passionate Educator and Facilitator, will work with them to support them accomplish their goals.


Are YOU among that exclusive group?


If not and you live near Mumbai… Here are the Exclusive 10 Reasons why you should block your calendar and register for this workshop (unless you have something else lined up that is more important than success and happiness in your life.)


#1. Pre Workshop Support. Your facilitator, Brig Bhasin, will send you some basic material to read and watch so that you are well aligned to receive the ideas that can work wonders for you.



#2. Focused Personalised Training. Once you go through the assigned material, he will give you a time slot to discuss your personal challenges. You will get guidance to work on that before you come for the workshop. To avail of this opportunity, the earlier you register, the more time you get to prepare yourself.


#3. 25200 Seconds of Serious  Business.  Excluding 2400 seconds for lunch, you will have 25200 of his experience and time to work on your personal and professional goals. He will also touch on Family, Heath and Finance Goals in brief.


#4. Goals Workbook. You will get ‘hands-on’ experience on realistically working on your goals and ‘writing them down’. By the end of the day you will have worked on your one years goals with 90 days goals in details,


#5. Experiential Learning. You will play a game and get to know a lot about yourself, what you think you can do, what you are capable of doing, what is your self-belief, self-esteem and self-worth? ? etc


#6. Personalised Coaching This will be done to ‘Follow Up and provide encouragement and support to accomplish your goals. You will be entitled to minimum one personal meeting (30 mins) and talk time on telephone / Skype for 15 minutes every month for 3 months to work on your goals.


#7. Networking. You will get to network with aspiring, enthusiastic, dynamic people like you who want to get the best of their lives. A WhatsApp Group and group emails will help you support each other.


#8. Meet & Greet  At the end of the session, you will get an opportunity to meet Brig Bhasin, click a picture with him, if you like, and give a video testimonial, which besides helping us reach out to more people to help them transform their lives, will promote you on various Social Media platforms.


#9. Success Stories. Click here to know what others got out of Brig Bhasin’s workshops 


#10. Win a Prize. An excellent chance to win a Special Coaching Session ( worth $100 absolutely FREE)


Call 9619015712 for clarifications.

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