Leadership Transition in Challenging Business Environment

Leadership Transition in Challenging Business Environment


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As part of performance appraisal exercise, mid-level executives are regularly promoted from an operational role to next level which is more strategic in nature.
The knowledge, skills and the mindset required for the new role are different from the existing ones. The job now involves a significant amount of responsibilities and accountability towards own and team's performance. The new role would require a full set of power tools versus a simple screwdriver one has been using so far.

The program works on all three levels. For leaders to make an impact on their organization, they need an understanding
of business environment & competitive landscape. But much of the impact at organizational level occurs through interpersonal


The training program is aimed at newly promoted executives of the company who are being groomed for higher responsibilities. Designed for executives who have a significant line or functional responsibilities and high potential for senior leadership positions.


The training programme will use a mix of pedagogical tools:
Case Studies
Participant's Presentations 
Role Plays


This programme would accelerate the time consuming a process of moving from a cross-functional role to a higher level of leadership in the company. The programme develops a systematic 'on-boarding' process for company's executives and provides a powerful framework and strategies that will enable new leaders to take charge quickly.


The programme provides post training monitoring at 30,60 and
90 days intervals to ensure that trainees carry the classroom
learning to their workplace and derive tangible benefits from the
concepts acquired.

The nominations & inquiries may be addressed to:

Mr. Rohit Kumar
Program Coordinator,
WOW Factors India Pvt. Ltd.
Mail: bd@wowfactors.net
Mobile: +91 82878 59551

Mr. B.N. Rao
General Manager,
WOW Factors India Pvt. Ltd.
Mail: gm@wowfactors.net
Mobile: +91 98732 69551

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