WIN TEAM:Small and Certain steps to impossible dreams..Unleashing the Win Team Power you are sitting on- to be held on 23rd and 24thJune 2011..!!!

WIN TEAM:Small and Certain steps to impossible dreams..Unleashing the Win Team Power you are sitting on- to be held on 23rd and 24thJune 2011..!!!


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About The Event

Greetings from Auralis Consulting!!

We are pleased to announce a LIFE-TRANSFORMING Workshop, WINTEAM, that will transform your inner software and bring out the best in you. We are giving you an opportunity to leverage the crux of intensive research & experiments done by the facilitator where he would share through experiential methodology, the tools & techniques to create the destiny that you always desired. We encourage you to book your seats for this amazing, limited participation workshop.

Win Team 

Small and Certain steps to impossible dreams: Unleashing the “Win Team” Power you are sitting on- to be held on 23rd and 24thJune 2011

Duration: 2 days                         

(The facilitator is among the 19 gurus picked up from all over the world by BRENDA BARNABY for drawing inspiration for her international bestseller Beyond the Secret)

About the workshop:

This workshop ‘Small & Certain steps to impossible dreams’ is based on the powerful strategies devised and tested by the trainer. The workshop stems from years of research and is based on experimental and interactive exercises and brings about the transformation through a thorough revamping of existing unproductive and self-defeating mental software of participating deep at the subliminal level of consciousness.


  • To introduce the participants to the power of their inner team.
  • Make them aware of the way they are presently using their inner software.
  • To provide them with step-by-step strategies to develop essential responses and habits through a pragmatic customized blue print of action points that enable them to unleash the incredible power of their inner software so as to fulfill their dreams.



After the workshop, the participants shall have learnt how to:

  • Identify the untapped potential in your inner team members and maximize its uses so as to minimize the gap between potential and performance. Make every inner team member contribute his very best to the team with passion.
  • Sensitize oneself to the gaps that exist between ‘what is ‘ and ‘ what should be’ and/or ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ and take a lead in bringing the necessary changes in a harmonious manner.


You shouldn’t miss this opportunity, if you:

¡  Often need to take business decisions

¡  Lead a team

¡  Are responsible for results of your actions or that of others’

¡  Need to think creatively and derive solutions to problems

¡  Need to diffuse difficult situations every now and then

¡  Need to take initiatives for needful actions

¡  Need to overcome barriers in success, achieve targets & goals.


An early confirmation of participation in the workshop will be highly appreciated.  Please share about this workshop with fellow colleagues and friends, who you think can also be benefited by this Life Changing Workshop.                  

For more details contact : 09811563065

We encourage Research scholars,VPs, CEOs, COOs, Marketing Heads, National sales head, College directors, Decision makers of the organizations, HR heads to participate in this LIFE TRANSFORMING WORKSHOP..!!!

Limited seats. ..!!! Interested participants should register at the earliest to avoid disappointment as the seats are available on first come first serve ..!!!!!!

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