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About The Event

Summer camp for kids on Communication skills,Leadership,Debate and also Personality Development.

Verbattle Club was born with the idea that as children are the future
of a nation it is important to make children aware of and get involved
in the nation building activities and issues concerning our nation
and society.
Verbattle Club is for creating leaders who would grow up to have a
role in the society or the nation. Verbattle Club is a platform for a
child with the potential to grow into a right thinking responsible
citizen of our country.
Verbattle Club aims to relate for a child, the text book knowledge
and the class room exposure to the real world, by making education
more realistic, practical and applicable in real life situations.
Verbattle Club aims to make its members humble, aware,
responsible and right thinking children who would grow up into
individuals of desirable leadership qualities or at least would end up
as good and valuable citizens of our country.
Leadership as opposed to political leadership can be expected and
developed in an individual’s life even at a personal, individual level. A
person can be a leader by showing extraordinary social
responsibilities and commitment to duties. Hence, the leadership
Verbattle Club talks about, would begin at a very personal level with
a person starting to lead himself in his journey of life, which could
enable him to become a better person.
ACTIVITIES : On developing Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Overall Personality Development and Debate in which Social Issues etc.. as topic.To motivate members to express sensible and well thought of opinions in favor of or against issues in the public domain.

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