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Investor interest in gaming startups in India is peaking with signs  of change indicating that the gaming and FX industry is on its way to  becoming a full fledged industry in India. Already, reports fro

VCCircle Digital Gaming Investment Forum 2011


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VCCircle Digital Gaming Investment Forum 2011

Investor interest in gaming startups in India is peaking with signs of change indicating that the gaming and FX industry is on its way to becoming a full fledged industry in India. Already, reports from KPMG and FICCI indicate that the Indian gaming industry is valued at Rs 10 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31 percent to Rs 38.3 billion by 2015.

VCCircle’s one-day conference being held on July 28 in Mumbai will target over 150 entrepreneurs, private equity and venture capital fund managers who will discuss the exciting business models (different payment models), social networking and mobile gaming, innovations as well as hurdles faced by developers and the industry on the whole.


  • Alok Kejriwal - Co-Founder and CEO, Games2Win
  • Ashish Kashyap - CEO, ibibo Web (P) Ltd
  • Mukul Singhal - VP, Saif Partners
  • Rajesh Rao - Founder & CEO, Dhruva Interactive
  • Kalyan Manyam - Co-Founder and CEO, Indyarocks
  • Vishal Gondal - Founder & CEO, Indiagames Ltd
  • Ravi Adusumalli - Managing Partner, Saif Partners
  • Sree Ram - Founder, Classic Rummy
  • Nikhil Soman - Founder, Dialify Technologies
  • Lalit Sarna - CEO, Oxylabs Networks Pvt Ltd

... and many more joining


Panel 1: Investor Interest in Gaming Sector
Has the financial turmoil in the gaming industry finally ended? Let’s look at what investors are scouting for, trends in the industry and why 2011 is the right year to invest in gaming in India. Various startups are emerging out of India, targeting domestic or international markets. What are the ‘Dos & Donts’ in this business they should know about. Will they be able to reverse the trend of games being imported into the subcontinent?

Monetisation: Paid Download; Advergaming; Sponsorship; Subscription, In-game Purchases. How scalable are these models and how can they be promoted well? With the rise of app stores and global launches, is it time to consider monetisation outside of operator billing?

VCCircle Red Hot Sector I: Mobile Gaming
Just one number suffices to capture the opportunity in mobile gaming in the subcontinent - 800 million mobiles. Mobile gaming is the fastest growing segment for games - gaming and VAS companies rode the IPL wave, and with more smartphones flooding the markets, game apps are becoming increasingly popular. One of the biggest stars and indicators of the worldwide popularity of mobile gaming is Angry Birds, which sold over 6.5 million since its release. Mobile gaming is expected to reap up to Rs 17.1 billion in revenues by 2015 in India.

Having a stable platform to build from is going to make mobile gaming extremely attractive to developers and investors alike. The industry is also excited about the potential for Networked Mobile gaming and with 3G rolling out, people no longer need to be tied down to a PC to play. It’s being heralded as the next big thing in social and mobile gaming globally. We will also look at how much gaming contributes to an operator’s VAS revenues (monetisation), what are the top games played on the mobile and how are developers dealing with the multitude of devices that are being churned out by manufacturers?

VCCircle Red Hot Sector II: Social Network Gaming
Nearly 600 million users play social games and the market for social gaming touched $1.5 billion globally in 2010 (Business Insights report). Social networks now take up 23 percent of time online, with online games taking 10 percent, the two biggest shares of time spent online (Nielsen). Tune in to what the experts have to say on the social gaming phenomenon and what games are trending in casual, mobile and online segments. How are the different models of monetisation panning out? With gaming in tier2 and 3 cities overtaking that in metros, are games in local languages with a socio-cultural context the next big thing?

Panel 2: Challenges Facing The Domestic Gaming Market
Have the last five years been a let-down? Are gaming cafés disappearing from our streets? Is piracy still a sore spot? Are we seeing enough innovation in game development, design and programming in India?  What is required from the gaming ecosystem at large to help Indian developers grow? Get ready for debates and opinions by participants from all across the industry.

Panel 3: What We Want To Play
What are the hottest games in India today? Who are India’s top gamers and what do they want to play? Let’s look at the top gamer’s choice by genre and device - action, role playing, strategy, simulation, multiplayer. Desktop, mobile or console - what’s the game playing experience of your choice and why?

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