Urubhangam - The Shattered Thigh

Urubhangam - The Shattered Thigh


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Urubhangam takes departure from the rivalry between two dynasties, the Kauravas and the Pandavas. The scene of the story of the play is laid in the battlefield Samantapanchaka. The Kauravas have been defeated, and 99 brothers of the Kaurava dynasty have been killed. Only Duryodhana has been spared, and he wants to take revenge for the death of his ninty nine brothers. Duryodhana & Bhima Sen have a club fight which develops into a fierce battle. The fight lasts for hours, and Duryodhana is seen lying on the ground with his thighs shattered in a bloody mess . Lying on the ground Duryodhana groans in utmost pain, awaiting death. Balarama , the teacher (guru) of Duryodhana, approaches the wounded Duryodhana. Balarama is burning in fury and wants to take revenge, insisting that it cannot be forgiven that Bhima Sen has violated the rules. However, Duryodhana does not agree that he has been deceived and insists that further war is not of any good as ninty nine Kauravas are already dead and he himself is about to die. Duryodhana requests Balarama not to take revenge as he thinks that what has happened must be the will of the ultimate Lord.

Gandhari appears in the battlefield to look for her son, She laments the plight of her son. Gandhari becomes very upset to see that his only spared son is going to leave him forever by reason of a deceitful club fight. As a result she curses Krsna but Krsna philosophically refutes every allegation & makes Gandhari understand  not to waste her power of austerity by cursing Him . Play is also reveals to what factors led for the first world war of our History ? Who is the Cause & Why ?  Duryodhana, the eternal villain who raised objections on the actions of Krishna who plays the role of writer and director.  

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