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SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol is an internet standard for email. What this means is that it is a normative arrangement of a methodology or technology related to the internet that was created for the purpose of sending emails.

In the beginning, different kinds of one to one electronic messaging were employed in the 1960s. People conversed with each other using systems developed for particular mainframe computers. Meaning, a person who is using Windows-based computer could only email a person who was also using a Window-based computer and not one who was using a Macintosh. As more and more computers started to get interconnected, standards were developed to let users of diverse systems to email each other. Here is how this works.

  • An e-mail is sent by a mail user to a mail server by means of SMTP. From there, the MSA sends the email to its mail transfer agent or MTA. Time and again, these two agents are just contradictory instances of the same software initiated with dissimilar options on the same machine.
  • The border MTA has to find the target host. It makes use of the domain name system or DNS to search for the mail exchanger trace for the recipient’s domain, which is the part of the email address that comes before the ‘@’ symbol.
  • Message transfer is able to happen in a single connection involving two MTAs, or in a sequence of hops through mediator systems. A receiving SMTP server might be the final destination, an intermediate ‘relay’ i.e. it saves and forwards the message, or a ‘gateway’. Every hop implies anofficial handoff of liability for the message, whereby the receiving server must either deliver the message or correctly report the failure to do so.
  • Once the last hop accepts the arriving message, it gives it to a mail delivery agent or MDA, for local mail delivery.
  • Once delivered to the home mail server, the email is stored for group retrieval by genuine mail clients.

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