Two Positions

Two Positions


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Gallery Seven Art Limited is very pleased to host the exhibition Two Positions, presenting the work of Chennai-based painter Ganesh Selvaraj alongside the work of Baroda-based artist Shinobu Mikami.

Ganesh Selvaraj makes large abstract paintings and mixed media works on canvas that relay notions of time and infinity, human perception and the artist’s personal experience of the world. Often working with intricately placed shreds of colored paper on canvas, his tableaux have a quality that is both painterly and tactile. Coming out of the Chennai tradition of painting that saw the introduction of Tantric painting in the 1960’s and 70’s, Selvaraj is similarly interested in the process of being and of making. His works are constructed in pale yellows, whites, grays, and occasionally in more vibrant colors, and show rounded, essential forms and dimensions such as ovals and voids. Reflecting the range of human emotions, some of the canvases are quiet and contained while others seem to bristle with a cosmic energy.

Shinobu Mikami works in a variety of media including drawing, sculpture and installation. Delicate and poetic in their visual vocabulary, Mikami’s works are grounded in an unusually subtle and personal conceptual framework. They are centered around the specificity of the materials she uses – wood, fabric, language and drawings - and the experiential memory embedded into these materials and forms. Her works resonate with her personal interpretation of the world and with the signs and memories which she decodes via the labor of constructing an artwork. Mikami’s sculptures and drawings reflect a precise conceptual and discursive practice which are further born out through the process of the audience’s perception of them.  Although her works are highly conceptual in nature, Mikami trusts the audience to complete them with the experience and memories which they in turn bring to bear.

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