Trance through Dance: A dance of ecstasy

Trance through Dance: A dance of ecstasy


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About The Event

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The session is divided into 4 parts:
a) Stillness
b) Score/theme of "Holi and colors". The scores for this part may take you through a pseudo-real experience of fire, water, color as you may experience in Holi.
c) Dance & Movement (with various scores) aiming to create a natural high, trance and ecstatic joy!
d) Chir Yoga Nidra (A quick (few seconds to couple of minutes) deep nap with the aid of Singing Bowl music)
e) Sharing circle to express and discuss your experience

1) Dance to express, not to impress. Dance and move for yourself, not for others. It is a guided session, you will be supported with instructions throughout the session.

2) Everyone welcome, no prior dance experience necessary. If you think you can't dance. This is exactly for you! If you think you are a great dancer, wonderful! Let's make a connection of your energy and your dancing skills!

3) No partner required.

4) Conversations happen on the floor with other people through dance and movement, non verbally.

5) During parts of the session, some people may wish to dance solo. Some people may wish to dance with one person. Some people may wish to dance as a group. This changes during the course of the session. You choose what is comfortable for you!

6) It is your own dance. No grace required. There is no wrong or right, good or bad.

7) It is a dance to open your energy and get away from stuck patterns in your mind-body-spirit.

8)The session is a free-form movement space where:

dance happens, energy expands, boredom ceases, creativity breaks out, hope appears, beauty flows, harmony happens, unity grows!

9) Event is open to all-ages and to all variations of physical abilities.


We invite you to come share your beautiful selves in the spirit of Dance & Celebration in this unique workshop!

Questions: +91 9820633374


Typically the session is priced at Rs. 750 but we want to be nice to everyone at this occasion of Holi & Easter, hence we invite you for concessional contribution as below:

Contribution: Rs. 500 at the door

For online registration:
Contribution for 1st 2 people: Rs. 300
Next, sliding scale contribution from Rs. 350 to 450


What to wear for the session?

Ans: Comfortable yoga type clothing. Think of track pants, shorts, leggings, yoga pants, salwar kameerz, t shirt, yoga tops etc. Avoid wearing jeans, trousers and formal clothing. Sharp metallic objects like belts, buckles, necklaces, earrings, watches etc may be requested to be to stored in your bag during the dance.

Please bring a bottle for water for yourself to drink.


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