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Touchstone - a rapid validation & shaping platform for Entrepreneurs


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About The Event

A  sounding  board  for  entrepreneurs  (existing  and  aspiring)  to  discuss  ideas  and  questions  on  company  vision,  leadership  and  team,  product  direction,  financials,  marketing  strategies  and  key  customer  behaviours.
Value  proposition: 
The  most  important  aspect  for  an  entrepreneur  is  his/her  passion  for  the  venture.  The  same  passion  however,  at  times,  leads  the  entrepreneur  down  a  one-­Âway  street  without  inspecting  the  by-lanes  of  opportunities  or  sometimes  without  realizing  that  he  should’ve  been  in  another  street.  Finding  his  or  her  real  passion  and  then  using  the  experience  to  shape  it  constructively  is  what  TouchStone  is  all about.  In  other  words,  The TouchStone  offers  a  unique  opportunity  for  the  entrepreneur  to  brainstorm  about  his  ideas  and  get  immediate  feedback  about  the  direction  in  which  he/she  is  venturing.  This short,  yet  highly-­Âproductive,  session  would  be  conducted  by  experienced  professionals  who  have  a  strong  background  in  all  the  areas  mentioned  above.  The  session  will  be  preceded  by  ground  work  on  the  challenges  you  want  addressed. 

Core  features: 
360  degree  analysis:  A  360  degree  analysis  of  the  venture  (or  to  the  extent  the  entrepreneur is  comfortable)  would  be  done  to  understand  the  strengths  and  weaknesses.  This  would  include  entrepreneur’s  vision  &  passion,  organization  strategy,  market  size  and  potential,  financial  constraints  and  product  aspects  (features,  technology,  target  customers,  price  and  promotions).  

Every  organization  is  unique:  The  feedback  would  be  based  upon  the  unique  situation  of  your  venture  rather  than  trying  to  force-fit  cookie-cutter  solutions.  

• Return  on  investment:  Each  session  would  be  nominally  priced  and  would  last  around  1  –  1 ½  hours  in  duration,(preceded by 4-5 days of ground work from the panel)  thereby  providing  a  good  return  on  investment.

Confidentiality:  Saarthi  follows  the  highest  standards  of  confidentiality  in  all  matters  related  to  its  clients.  An  NDA  can  be  signed  if  deemed  necessary  by  the  entrepreneur.  

Enabling  Connections:  If  the  entrepreneur  needs  advice  in  other  domains  like  finance  or legal,  we  would  connect  him  to  experienced  professionals  in  that  area.

Every startup will be studied thoroughly by the panel before the event, with personal attention to each entrepreneur. Something every startup needs but doesnt get! (Sept 10 - Sept 18)

A 90 minute session will be held one-on-one with each participating startup to shape their business (Sept 19th)

The Panel :
Mainsh Singhal :
Shreeram MV :

Recommendation :
Ashwat D,Founder & CEO at Manticore Wireless "If you are a shepherd chasing your dreams in the desert, your story is incomplete without meeting this alchemist! Our engagement with Manish has been a very recent one, but it has already proved tremendously useful. He is passionate, sincere and thoroughly professional and with his rich network, both in technical and non-technical areas he can make things fall in their place like old magic. He is an expert in taking ideas to the market. So, if any of you folks have an idea and not sure if its market worthy, talk to him soon. And If you are very sure your idea is market worthy, talk to him sooner!" September 6, 2010

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