Thomas International Certification workshop - August 2010 - New Delhi

Thomas International Certification workshop - August 2010 - New Delhi


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Thomas International Certification workshop - August 2010 - New Delhi


Thomas International has been assisting more than 30,000 companies including some 300 of the Fortune 500 companies across 60 countries.

Module 1: Personal Profile Analysis (4th to 5th August 2010 Wednesday -Thursday) Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides for a quick and accurate “Behavioral Assessment” of an individual. Human Job Analysis (HJA) provides a "Behavioral Benchmark for a job-role".

These techniques together will help you to: Assess individual\'s compatibility with the

1)Identify potential of an individual Identify training needs for an individual and

2)job and maximize performance Arrest

2)Manage teams effectively 

4)chalk out a Customized Development Plan attrition In short, the modules will add immense value in aligning your people initiatives to the business needs and help you in recruitment, retention, personal and organizational development, appraisals, promotions and career planning and team building. 

Who should attend the program:

The program is designed for all managers including line managers: 

1)Who motivate, guide, manage teams 

2)Who are responsible for recruitment 

3)Who are involved in various people initiatives

About Thomas PPA & HJA

The Personal Profile Analysis is based on the DISC theory propounded by Prof. Marston. It is a work-related behavioral inventory, which provides insights about the behavioral aspects of an individual.It describes an individual on three different aspects: Pressure

1)Work Mask: Describes an individual’s behavior at work place 

2)Profile: Describes how an individual is likely to behave under extreme pressure Self Image: Describes an individual’s inherent or core

3)situations. behavior.

The Human Job Analysis is a behavioral benchmark for a position. This indicates major behavioral traits/characteristics expected in the incumbent to make him /her more effective in the role assigned.

Module 2: Team Analysis System (6th August 2010-Friday) Team Analysis System (TAS) combines Thomas expertise in Marston’s D.I.S.C. theory with Belbin’s “ROLE FIT” factors, which assists in building and developing effective teams. It can be used when Business Strategy calls for Cultural Change, Mergers & Acquisitions bring new teams together, teams are not performing, teams have internal conflicts or teams are resisting changes. 

TAS Certification enables you to: Identify Ideal Team Culture, Strengths and Assess members of existing teams viz Role played 

1)Team roles required. Identify potential conflict , Strengths and Limitations and fit within the team. Dramatically reduce the cost 

2)areas amongst team members and possible fallouts. of team building by identifying root causes of team problems.

Module 3: Ability Testing (7th August 2010-Saturday) (TST/GIA) TST and GIA are two aptitude and ability tests that measure a person’s fluid intelligence. TST is a paper and pencil test whilst GIA is online. Both tests are an accurate and reliable predictor of a person’s developmental potential – how quickly can they learn and retain new skills and procedures. Reduce induction, training and development

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