The Talent Triangle - Lost in Translation

The Talent Triangle - Lost in Translation


  • The Talent triangle of SABCONS

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About The Event

The Talent Triangle

What are the skills required of a highly effective Manager?

Yes, you got it right!

Gone are the days when technical skills were enough! Companies are seeking added skills in Leadership and Business Intelligence — competencies that can support longer-range strategic objectives that contribute to the bottom line. 

PMI research tells us that in today’s increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace, companies are seeking for Leaders and Strategic Managers in their Management Team.

Ideal skill set — The Talent Triangle is a combination of technical, leadership, and strategic and business management expertise.

What this means to you — project and program talent — is a focus on developing these additional skills; skills you need to meet the evolving demands on your profession. What it also means is, new opportunities for you to elevate your value as a strategic partner in business success.


How do you develop these skills?


Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other - John F. Kennedy.


We, SABCONS, your trusted advisor, would like to be a catalyst on your journey towards leadership, growth and business success also.

In our endeavour to support you on this journey, we are bringing to you a two series workshop– Lost in Translation this August.

“Lost in translation" is a common phrase which refers to how meaning of communication is lost when translating from one language to another or one medium to another. 


In this two series workshop we emphasise on how meaning of a communication is lost altogether or modified depending on our “map of the world”. How can we communicate to understand, respond not react and build rapport with stakeholders by not being overbearing but by understanding them!


One of the things you will appreciate about attending these workshops is that they are experiential.

 1.Communicating for Results  (Lost in Translation – Part I): Among the top 3 qualities of a successful leader is “Communication”!

Communicating for Results is a one day workshop designed to help understand the factors that are at play when we are communicating; why do we find it difficult to communicate with one person whereas we are in perfect sync with another in no time!

Our workshop goes beyond the basic communication model and verbal, non-verbal communication. The workshop encourages the participants to... click here


When: Saturday, March 19

As you consider the benefits of your enhanced communication skills by attending “Communicating for Results” workshop, you might also want to consider the benefits of attending Rapport Building for Effective Stakeholder Management.


  1. Rapport Building for Effective Stakeholder Management  (Lost in Translation – Part II): 

Building rapport and engaging with people takes practice. It helps to know what their maps of reality are, what motivates and triggers them; how can we find a connection with them and influence; how can we put across our point assertively while avoiding conflict!


“Rapport building for Effective Stakeholder Management” is a one day workshop designed to help you find what influences your stakeholders, what can you do to influence them and build rapport with them. Understand why it is difficult to appreciate others’ viewpoint sometimes; is there a way to align ourselves to them? 

The workshop encourages the participants to assess…click here


When: Saturday, April 2.


Workshop Facilitator:   Ms. Namita W


Both the courses are preapproved for 8 PDUs each for PMPs to fulfil the continuing certification requirement as per The Talent Triangle suggested by PMI.

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