The Caine Mutiny Court Martial - A Play by Naseeruddin Shah

The Caine Mutiny Court Martial - A Play by Naseeruddin Shah


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Swift@Insights presents to you one of the finest court room dramas ever staged. Stay tuned for more info.

During the Second World War, on-board a small insignificant ship in the U.S. Pacific Fleet, an event occurs unlike any that the United States Navy has ever experienced. A Ship's Captain is removed from his command by his Executive Officer in an apparent outright act of mutiny. As the trial of the mutineers unfold, it is then learned that the Captain of the ship was mentally unstable, perhaps even insane. The Navy must then decide: was the Caine Mutiny a criminal act? Or an act of courage to save a ship from destruction at the hands of her Captain.

The Second World War forms the backdrop for this gripping play. The resounding bombers and blasting shells are matched on a parallel level with what war does to man. In just two acts, it lays bare the tragedy of war, probes deep into the psyche of men who are in the forefront of the battle and in one sweep damns everyone who looks at the war as a stepping stone to self-aggrandisment.

About "Motley"
The theater group “Motley “ is formed by Naseeruddin Shah along with Tom Alter & Benjamin Gilani in 1979. Since then, the group went on to produce several a number of magnificent plays in both Hindi and English and regularly toured the country as well as foreign shores to take their work to variegated audiences.

Date : 10th July
Venue : The Music Academy, Chennai

Contact : Swift@Insights
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