The Wood-Fired Oven Menu At AI Restaurant

The Wood-Fired Oven Menu At AI Restaurant


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Paying tribute to the fire festivals of Japan that symbolize the heralding of good fortune, health and harvest is the wood-fired, presented by Chef Saby and chef of the year Chef Vikram Khatri. Relish the sizzling hot delicacies straight from the wood fired oven and don’t miss the wood smoke aroma in the air. All the dishes are cooked in a single cast iron plate and served sizzling hot to guests straight from the wood oven. There are two main style of dishes cooked at the wood oven, the Toban Yaki where the main dish is accompanied by clear soup or broth boiling on the same cast iron plate and the Wood Grilled dishes. Fish, seafood, meats, veggies are made with a thick sauce or glaze which is also served on a sizzling hot cast iron plate. The highlights of the oven are that it cooks very fast sealing all the juices and nutrients inside of food items. Since everything is wood grilled, no/or very little oil is used for cooking. The oven uses the best Japanese or seasonal produce and has almost no carbohydrates since nothing on the menu is fried. There is also an exciting new hot dessert (a la carte) from the same oven which has never been done before in the country.

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