The Mystical Journey of 28 Days

The Mystical Journey of 28 Days


About The Event

Outstanding Features of this program:

1. A complete balance of mind, body and spirit

2. An understanding of how your mind works

4. Experience innovative methods of Meditation

5. Witness miracles happening with in 7 days of the journey.



1. 28 days mystical Journey

2. A gratitude Stone

3. Detailed process and user manuals


Investment for the process and material:

Rupees Three Thousand only at the time registration or online.

Axis Bank. A/c- 9100 1000 6581 850


Experience the next level of your mental, physical, spiritual, relationship, financial....and what ever aspect, you can probably imagine!!


Call @ 9030009090 


                            A Mystical Journey of 28 Days!

Life! the struggle is all about life.. Right from our birth till the last breath, we regard life as a struggle. But is that the right way to look at it, what we call Life?

And if we look around, we will find every animal, bird and every living creature is graceful, they have their own majestic beauty, except human being. We need high  proportion & application of cosmetics to look beautiful. Gracefulness is a far dream.

Now the question is why?

ure says that we are the highest among all living creatures. But where is grace, where is the joy?

"A Mystical Journey of 28 days", is a very simple way to live and follow though certain techniques and rituals (discipline). Just 30 minutes a day will do. 

BUT!! observing or following through is a MUST.

Participants must be 100% sincere in their approach. Else it will be a waste of time for all of us. The very meaning of this Meet-up is to create or witness a miracle in your life!.

I cannot guarantee you the length of your life, yes I can definitely guarantee you the quality of each day that you live. And this is the mission of my life - to spread the word, that "Life is Beautiful!"



1. Basic Introduction

2. One to one discussion and setting the expectation.

3. Learning some energy techniques

4. The body and mind connection

5. Video (optional)

6. Learning about the methods and techniques which you are going to follow for next 28 days & which is going to transform your life. 

## The entire course will be conducted through mails, phone and skype (if needed). 26 March 2016 is just after the full moon day and we can as well utilize the moon energy to ignite our start. Meeting at the venue mentioned is NOT MANDATORY. Briefing will be done individually by phone calls.                

Some of the testimonials from the participants of the “28-Days Mystical Journey”.

The 28-Day Mystical Journey was a very different and interesting course. It really provided great insights into the process of achieving better focus, and reducing the impact of distractions. It has changed our way to approach life in a very positive way, both professionally and personally. Mr.Udayan's way of presenting and guiding is excellent. And here we have the scope of clarifying and get the guidance daily.  I'd recommend this course to anyone; I found it fantastic.

-  Vikas K, Chartered Accountant, Hyderabad


I still remember the beautiful and energetic essence of the workshop. I learnt lots of things from this workshop like laws of manifestation, giving and receiving, importance of clarity and awareness, etc. This workshop is different because here you don't learn from a lecture but you learn from an experience that is out of this world. A lot my desires have come true because of this workshop. If you want to prosper in all spheres of life then this workshop is a must.

-  Srilatha, Entrepreneur, Hyderabad

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