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The Happiness Workshop


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About The Event

All of us want to be happy. We may say we want better health, fitness and bodies. Or we may say we want more money, wealth, success, a bigger car, a luxurious house. Or we may want more love in our relationships. But ultimately, what we truly want is happiness itself. However, the world and society programmes us to procrastinate our happiness. We think when this or that happens, then only will we be happy. Even though we are living in abundance of modern technology and comfort we still can't find happiness in any of these.

All this takes us far from the truth, which is that if we ever want to be happy, we have to do it right here, right now. We can learn to be unconditionally happy despite of whatever happens. In this workshop, you will learn:

* How the society has programmed us to be unhappy and how to break free of this trap.
* The most effective way to deal with stress and negative emotions.
* How to be calm and peaceful despite of whatever happens outside us.
* How to create positive emotions anytime anywhere.
* How to let go of negative thoughts and beliefs and install happy ones.
* Techniques to let go worry forever.
* Powerful ways of creating a desirable and happy future while being happy right now.
* Changing our perspective through Gratitude, Love and Forgiveness and create new perspectives that naturally create happiness.
* Creating a happiness conducive environment around us that automatically takes care of our happiness.
* A seven step formula to be happy right here, right now.

The participants will receive:
* a comprehensive manual which will ensure that one not only learns but also transforms. 
* complete audio recording so that one can re-experience and re-enforce transformation.
* a complementary happiness coaching session for further growth and improvement.

About facilitators: 
Sagar Takker

Sagar Takker is a happiness coach and trainer; an inspirational speaker, a mind specialist and a certified hypnotherapist. He is passionate about emotional and physical health and has authored Seven Ways to Emotional Mastery and three other books. He has received Competent Communicator and Competent Leader Certifications from Toastmasters International. He has delivered successful workshops on improving focus, leadership and emotional mastery in various schools. His vision is to spread awareness and inspire people to make wholesome choices, tap into their fullest potential and be happier and healthier individuals.

Harinesh Sharma

Harinesh Sharma is a certified Theta Healer from Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge (THINK). He holds a Bachelors of Engineering degree in Computer Science from Rajasthan University. He has a diverse range of experience in the corporate world having served as a Subject Matter Expert for Wipro BPO and for Amdocs. He is passionate about how the human mind works and how our feelings and emotions affect our daily lives. He intends to share what he learns and inspire others with passion, joy and enthusiasm.

The investment includes:
* workshop manual
* audio recording
* venue charges
* tea and snacks

Date: Sunday, 29th May 2016
Time: 10:00 am to 01:00 pm
Venue: One Internet, G-36, Connaught Circus, Block P, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Investment: Rs. 500

For registration, contact: 9717244789, 9958761633

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