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The Habits That Stick


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About The Event

"Like fire, habits are excellent servants but can be very dangerous master."

This workshop is for you:

  • Who have tried exercising regularly, but failed!
  • Who have tried to eat healthy, but failed!
  • Who have tried building profitable business, but not yet succeeded!
  • Who have tried building relationships, but failed!
  • Who have tried quiting bad habits, but failed!


To you, who want to bring success in 2016

Habits need not become your destiny. Break bad habits today and live a fulfilling life tomorrow.

Raghavender Matam is an internationally certified MNLP and Coach (ACC) who is bringing awareness and acceleration in individuals and organizations. Having trained over hundreds of corporates, and coaching some of the high-fliers of big corporations he is able to bring change that is sustainable and faster.

The aim of the workshop is to bring the expertise to people not only in corporates but to students, entreprenuers, artists , teachers, parents and anyone who has a dream but stuck with old habits. It's time to break old habits and create new habits.

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