The Embassy Of Colombia Presents Salsa Concert At Siri Fort Auditorium

The Embassy Of Colombia Presents Salsa Concert At Siri Fort Auditorium


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Biggest Salsa Concert by Embassy of Colombia and ICCR on occasion of 201st National Day Celebrations.
The Embassy of Colombia, in association with ICCR, will be putting the best efforts for the Biggest Salsa Concert in New Delhi with “LA REPUBLICA” or “The Republic”.
Embassy of Colombia, under the leadership of, Juan Alfredo Pinto, has been successful in celebrating the occasion of the Independence of their nation with big Salsa Concerts. In past years, Delhi has witnessed and enjoyed the performances from Zona Prieta, Chocquibtown and La 33. This year it will be huge and will break all records set so far.
“The recent trend and growing interest of Indians in Latin American Dance and Music styles, Salsa being leading the group, has always encouraged us to bring the best from Colombia. As a matter of fact, Cali, third city of the country, is also known as World Capital of Salsa. We are witnessing the growing interest in the Bollywood, institutions and various schools reaching out for Salsa to an unbelievable extent. This is a pure sign of how close and adaptable the cultures of two nations are” said Ambassador Pinto.
“My warm welcome to all and everyone to come and be a part of this huge celebrations as our invitation says – Be Careful, you will fall in love again.” A big gamut of sponsors is participating this year for the event. Reliance, Indian Music Conference, AMR Group and FruitChill are contributing for this Colombian spectacle.
Salama Yamini Head IMC said that it is a proud moment to get associated with this event and know more of the rich Columbian musical heritage that echoes through the wonderfully intricate web of salsa music.

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