The Echo Of Wisdom - BhagawadGita

The Echo Of Wisdom - BhagawadGita


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About The Event

“Bhgawadgita – The song of the God”

… is neither a devotional Song nor religious, that belongs to any one individual, cast, creed, sect of people or nation.

It is the Wisdom for the entire world and for all times. It is for all, for every nation, for every race, and for every man and woman, at every level of spirituality.  

Gita instructs the art and discipline that will surely bring them victory in the battle of life. And also provides skills needed for the sustenance of worldly, mortal life.

1800 signers amassed to raise the echo of Wisdom - the Bhagawadgita. (Set to Record in Telugu Book Of Records)

On this auspicious season “Srimad BhagawadGita Jayanti – Vaikhunta Ekadasi”

by the Grace of Lord Chilkuru Balaji

With the support of  Language & Culture Dpt., Govt. of Telangana 

Dharmasamsthapana and Swartha Bharati


 Ashtadhasa Shata Bhagawadgita Gnyaanarasa Jhari

The Echo Of Wisdom

For the first time in the state “1800 singers” will be singing Bhagawadgita on one dais. Come let us join and sing the Bhagawadgita vehemently, so that the echo of wisdom shall reach out entire nation.

  “adhyesyate ca ya imam dharmyam samvadam avayoh

jnana-yajnena tenaham istah syam iti me matih” 

“sraddhavan anasuyas ca srnuyad api yo narah 

so 'pi muktah subham lokan prapnuyat punya-karmanam” 18 : 70 - 71

One who will study this most righteous discourse of ours, I shall be propitiated by that as performance of sacrifice of Wisdom; this is my proclamation.

Even the person who listen to this with faith without any envy is liberated and will reach the elevated planetary system of those of virtuous activities. 


Singers, Gita Parayanas, Devotees  all are welcome to SING. Be One among the 1800 pious singers, take part in divine opportunity to praise Bhagawan on this auspicious season “Srimad Bhagawad Gita Jayanti – Vaikhunta Ekadasi”. “Register Online” only.

Register soon Seating limited to 1800 only.

Participants will be REWARDED with...

  1. Kaamadhenu Momento
  2. Certificate of Participation –  Registered in “Telugu Book of Records”
  3. Empowerment through SELF education Book - “Essence of The Gita”
  4. Online Training

 Dharmasamsthapana - Swartha Bharati

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