Technical Writers of India (TWIN)-Tcworld India 2011 @ Bangalore

Technical Writers of India (TWIN)-Tcworld India 2011 @ Bangalore


About The Event

Technical Writers of India (TWIN), in partnership with tekom, is organizing the first-ever international conference--tcworld India 2011--for technical communicators in India. 

The conference will witness speakers from Germany, India, Israel, and US. The speakers will present important topics, such as tekom certification modules, DITA, project management for technical documentation, and so on. The conference will be held in Bangalore from March 10 to March 12, 2011.

You can find more information about the tcworld India 2011 conference at

About TWIN and tekom:

Technical Writers of India (TWIN) is the largest community (~8000 members) of technical communicators in Asia. TWIN runs a professional mailing list and an online community.

tekom (Gesellschaft für Technischen Kommunikation e.V.) is the largest society for technical communicators in Europe. tekom organizes the biggest conference for technical writers in Europe every year.  This conference attracts about 3000 participants and a few hundreds of exhibitors.

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