CIO Strategies Summit 2011, April 13 2011, Banglore

CIO Strategies Summit 2011, April 13 2011, Banglore


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Shaping up the future of technology through intelligent insights and targeting the right set of qualified IT Communities, siliconindia has come a long way as an ideal platform to address strategic initiatives and manage businesses successfully across industries and verticals.

Post recession, there have been paradigm shifts within the IT community. The term 'disruptive technology' has been used by CIOs often. The role of a CIO has changed from being an information officer to being an innovative officer. The strategies too, have changed for a CIO but what has not changed is their continuous hunger for technology adaptation and adoption.

CIO Strategies Summit 2011 is one such dynamic forum that would address the challenges and opportunities ahead for business leaders to finalize the roadmap for the next financial year. The key agenda for the Summit would focus on Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS). With technologies coming to CIOs desk at break-neck speed, the role of remote infrastructure management services become more imperative not only to adapt to changing pace and dynamics of technology but also to control IT budgets and to do "more with less'. Through a strategic initiative, CIOs will go the RIMS way to control budgets for managing businesses successfully. With disruptive technologies such as cloud, virtualization, third party data centers on the move, opportunities can be leveraged by the enterprises. However security concerns and privacy also need to be addressed to manage a diverse technology infrastructure.

Is RIMS the next big wave in the IT landscape? Are CIOs ready to adapt to changing business models? CIO Strategies Summit 2011 is one such effort and one-stop shop to address such challenges ahead for the CIOs who would inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

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