TLR Pub Quiz With Chugh And Chanty At The Living Room (TLR) Cafe

TLR Pub Quiz With Chugh And Chanty At The Living Room (TLR) Cafe


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TLR Pub Quiz with Chugh and Chanty

TLR's Pub Quiz is back with a new format and new quizmasters - calling all mega-minds, prepare to have your intellect humbled!

The new quiz format focuses on participation, whether you're on the stage, in the audience or behind the bar. We can't divulge any further details though so you'll just have to attend to find out!

Flavour of the questions.

If a bartender '86'd' you, what would he/she be doing to you?
The answer is Hamburger U, what's the question?
Connections: A question in 3 clues, max points for answering it on the first clue and the first clue is..
Her mother played Hrithik's mother in Jodha Akbar.

About our new quiz masters.

Dr. Sanjay Chugh is a Shrink by training and occupation for close to 25 years now but at heart is an inveterate quizzer. When he is not grappling with the questions thrown up by his life or his clients' lives, he is thinking Trivia! He was a quizzer in school and college before he took to organising Quizzes at the Inter-School, Inter-College and Inter-University level. Hosting a serious - cum - fun Pub Quiz in Delhi has been a dream generated from participating in various pub quizzes in Goa. And so, the TLR Pub Quiz!!!

Vikram 'Chanty' Achanta lives in Delhi, with his wife and 2 children, and when he's not grappling with the challenges of entrepreneurship with his successful Tulleeho enterprise, likes to write and run. He dreams of one day, running a sub 2 hour, half marathon and writing a book. Chanty also writes for a variety of Indian and International publications, including Mint, Man's World, The Man, Drinks International, Spiritz Magazine, Sommelier India and Forbes India.

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