Stock Investment Beginners Course - Learn the secret of Successful Stock Investment

Stock Investment Beginners Course - Learn the secret of Successful Stock Investment


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About The Event

Have you never invested in share market? Or you invested but lost miserably? Or you think stocks are too risky for salaries people. Come join our 1 day course to get a perfect start to start investing in Stock Market. Teacherji School of Everything will teach you art and science behind selecting the right stocks, investing at right price and perfect time to get out? Our beginners' course on 'How to invest in share market - Stock market Basics' guide you from the very basics of how to start investing in stocks to understanding of share market.

The Beginner's course in Stock Investment would cover:

  • Introduction to Stocks
    • What are shares/stocks?
    • Stocks vs other investment products 
  • How to start investing in stocks
    • How/where to open an online stock trading account
    • Offerings of different banks and brokering firms. How to perform stock transactions
  • Stock market basics
    • BSE Sensex and NSE
  • Introduction to various Stock trading types and styles
    • Short term and Long term. Day trading & Swing Trading. Short Selling. Future and Options
  • Understanding Stock market terms
    • Stock ticker symbols. Stock related vocabulary. Type of Stocks - A/B/C category stocks
  • Reading a company's Financial reports
  • Choosing the right stocks
    • Factors deciding the selection of stocks. Picking the right industry and right player -Few examples of stock selection
    • Fundamental analysis of stock -Few examples with detailed fundamental analysis of stocks
  • When to buy and sell the stocks
    • Importance of Timing in stock trading. How to pick the best time.Few examples of choosing the timing for stock buying/selling
  • Identifying your risk appetite for stocks
    • How much to invest in stock market
  • Introduction to technical analysis of stocks

At the end of this session, one would have a good understanding of how to start investing in stocks, where to begin and how much to invest. The students will also have a good idea of the risk associated with it and the return expected. They will also be able to start investing in share market with better knowledge and preparation rather than just based on tips, price or timing. These concepts and techniques will help them make most of the  money with minimum risk.

Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone who are beginners in investing into stocks and are new to direct exposure to stock market specially salaried employees and self employed
  • Those who have been investing into stocks purely based on tips and suggestion from friends and family without any analysis or understanding of the stock market.
  • Those who have higher appetite for risk and are looking for getting much higher returns than any other investment type.
  • This course is aimed at beginners in stock analysis and planning and not meant for those who have had been buying stocks in good quantities for more than 1 year. 
  • The course is focused primarily towards Stocks as an investment and not for those who want to make quick money without much understanding.
  • The course does not go deep dive in to day trading, short selling, future and options as these will be covered in intermediate and advance courses.

Trainer's Profile

Santosh Kevlani, Founder of is Electronics Engineer (Nagpur) and MBA from IIT Bombay. He has worked for 10 years with some of the best companies in India and abroad including Wipro, HP, Compaq and America Online. He is a great number cruncher and math freak. He has been investing in stocks for over 7 years now and really enjoys sharing the practical and smart ways of investing in stock market. He is also an expert in Online businesses and has spent most of his professional life on different aspects of Online businesses. He is Passionate about sharing knowledge and followed his entrepreneurial dream to setup a new age startup Teacherji. Check his detailed profile on

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