Startup Saturday Kolkata: May 2016

Startup Saturday Kolkata: May 2016


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About The Event

Startup Saturday Kolkata: May 2016 Edition

Theme: How to Value your Startup ?

Join us live with CA Vijay Darak and CA Rishabh Sawansukha at Headstart Startup Saturday on May 21, 2106 Seats are li‚Äčmited--secure yours now

It's commonly said that business valuation is more art than science. If this is true, then the practice of valuing a startup business is squarely in the domain of the artist.

Nevertheless, entrepreneurs need to put a value on their startups in order to raise money, and investors need to put a value on their investments to generate liquidity. Since neither entrepreneurs nor investors are known for right-brain artistic thinking, this session aims to provide some tips for left-brain thinkers to make sense of startup valuation.

Headstart brings to you an insightful eventon how to value your startup and myths about fund raising. Come and make the most from this month's speakers, who will share with you a few crucial experiences and some useful information!


1.Please keep your visiting cards handy!

2.Car Parking won’t be a problem. J

3.On the spot registrations shall be available at an entry fee of Rs 300/- (subject to seating availability).

4. Online ticket sales will close at 11:45 PM on 20th May, 2015. Hurry. Book your tickets now.


09:30 AM


10:00 AM

Introduction to Headstart

10:15 AM

Valuation and its Impact

CA Vijay Darak, Partner, Credential Advisory Services

Mr. Vijay will share with us his knowledge on how to value a startup and what is the impact of valuation on a startup. a few make-or-break instances & stories from his experiences with his advisory services, where they have successfully helped prominent companies to raise funds.

11:00 AM

Valuation Demystified
CA Rishabh Sawansukha , CEO,, Ex Vice President Snapdeal

Mr. Rishabh will share is insights on how the startups should value themselves with the current trend of the industry and also why it is necessary for startups to raise funds and also helping in understanding the process of valuation and funding.

11:45 AM

Open House Discussion with the speakers

12:30 PM

Startup Pitch 1: Shitij, Founder, ArtMikado

12:40 PM

Startup Pitch 2: Saketh Kandoi, Co-founder, Khichdi Khichri

12:50 PM

Startup Pitch 3:

01:05 PM

Closing Note, Feedback & Networking Session

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