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About The Event

Speak Impressive

It is a general observation that Leaders are always good orators
Is it that good orators become good leaders?

Why is it so? They are able to influence, impress, stand in public or in front of any audience, known/unknown and deliver ideas & hence communicate effectively.
In professional life it is so important to be able to stand out amongst a crowd. One major quality that distinguishes such persons is their confidence and ability to speak impressively.

Public speaking transforms a person inside out and increases confidence in life. When confidence increases it rubs off in all other aspects of life and adds additional value to the overall personality of the person thereby making him/her more effective.

How many of us have experienced stage fear, gone blank, quivering voices, trembling legs or knocking knees??

Eliminate Your Fear
This will not only eliminate fear of speaking in public but also fear of speaking to unknown people, higher authority and fear of rejection.
Build Confidence
This program would not only increase your confidence level in public but will also influence and boost every aspect of life, your effectiveness at meetings, group discussions, interviews, social or professional events will be much more.
Understand Finer Details
The final layer or the polishing will be achieved by focusing on various minute facets of public speaking like creating a great first impression, when to give a pause, how & when to be interactive, how to use modulation of voice etc. will improve the overall effectiveness of the candidate in personal and professional life.

We transform individuals into confident and charismatic personalities!

Enhance your communication
Enhance your ability to influence people
Enhance your confidence to speak in public
Overcome fear of rejection
Enhance your ability to use your body and voice more effectively

Duration: 12 group sessions of 2 hours each and 2 one-on-one sessions of one hour each.

For whom: Business Owners, Sales people, Candidates interested to get into training or public speaking, corporate leaders, Students about to get into corporate world. 

Add Charisma to your Personality! 
Be a Charismatic Speaker!

Feel free to contact for more details
Mithilesh Chudgar - 9327114164
email - mithileshchudgar@gmail.com

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