Solar Power In India @ New Delhi, 26th to 27th June 2011

Solar Power In India @ New Delhi, 26th to 27th June 2011


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  •  India's solar energy market is growing rapidly on the back of the government's ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM).From almost a negligible presence in utility-scale solar power just a couple of years ago, the country today has 24 MW of installed solarpower capacity and over 1,800 MW of capacity is under various stagesof implementation.

  •  JNNSM, which targets attaining 20,000 MW by 2020, remains the keydriver of investment. Approximately 850 MW of capacity has beenapproved so far under its first phase with over 800 MW in grid-connectedprojects and the balance in off-grid projects

  •  The other driver is state-specific programmes. Gujarat, Rajasthan,Karnataka, Orissa and West Bengal lead the race to invite investments insolar beyond the JNNSM. About 1,000 MW of capacity has been selectedor approved under various state initiatives

  •  Steady progress is being made in the off-grid solar space as well and thesegment is attracting investments that support social transformationthrough innovation in technology as well as business models. Besidesrural energy and enterprise, the telecom sector is also a growing segment for off-grid solar.  

  •  However, challenges remain. For grid-connected projects, financing and riskguarantee remain a key area of concern. Further, contractor and vendorcapacity as well as the human resource base need to expand rapidly. Thoughinterventions are being planned by the government, industry bodies and multilateral agencies, these need to scale up rapidly.

  • The mission of this conference is to provide a platform for policymakers,developers,  technology  providers and  other  industry  players  to  discussthe  strategies needed to rapidly  scale up the Indian  solar industry. Theconference  will  also  provide  an  update  on  the  JNNSM  and major  stategovernment initiatives. There will also be a focus on projects, financing,manufacturing and innovations. 



  • What have been the key trends in the solar power sector?™

  • What are the key issues and challenges?™

  • What is the future outlook of the sector?


  • ™What are the government's plans and perspective with regard to solar power?™

  • What is the role of solar power within the overall context of the long-term energy strategy? Â™

  • What measures are being planned by the government to encourage investments in solar manufacturing?


  • What is the current status of the projects allotted under the first phase of the JNNSM?™

  • What capacity is expected to be commissioned by the end of the year? Â™

  • What can the industry expect from JNNSM Phase II


  • Which are some of the leading states in the solar power sector?™

  • Which are some of the key projects under implementation? Â™

  • What are the future plans of the states? 


  • FOCUS ON SOLAR PV™ What are the perspectives of the key players in solar PV?™

  • What steps is the industry taking to expand capacity to meet the targets?™

  • What are the risks and challenges and what needs to be done to mitigate these?


  • What have been the key developments in CSP technology and projects? Â™

  • What are the plans of the key players in this segment? Â™

  • What are the challenges being faced by this segment?

  • How can these be mitigated?

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