Solar Certification Workshop:  Understanding Opportunities in Solar Jan 23 -25 2011, HITEX Hyderabad

Solar Certification Workshop: Understanding Opportunities in Solar Jan 23 -25 2011, HITEX Hyderabad


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About The Event

Understanding Opportunitiesin Solar—Basics, Business,Policies (UOIS-BBP) isthe most comprehensive workshopin its series and its aim isto educate its participants aboutbasics, possible opportunitieswhich are opening up under thecurrent economic scenario anddrafting business plans in PV.The participants of the workshopwill understand the practicalitiesof marketing, designingand installing solar systems aswell as manufacturing detailsabout solar industry. The coursewill involve both lectures andhands-on training experience.The lectures will be delivered byleading experts from government,industry and academia

Tentative Schedule

Day 1 (BASICS)

Session I-Introduction to PV ‚ Leading solar technologies theworld: PV, CSP, Solar Thermal‚  Components of PV system: BatteryInverter; wiring, system sizing,softwares ‚   Terminology
Session II– Making your own elementarysystem
Session III-Systems ‚   Grid Interactive: ‚· Roof-Top solar ‚·  off-grid systems
Session IV-Solar Farms ‚   Technical and site evaluation ‚   Solar Power plant Installation ‚· Soft wares in solarDay 2 (POLICIES)
Session I- Policies &Forecast ‚·JNNSM ‚·Global Policies
Session II-Standards and Certifications ‚·  IEC Norms ‚   Solar panel testing‚·  Interactive session ‚   Session III-Manufacturing Making of solar PanelsDay 3 (BUSINESS)·
Session I— Sample BusinessPlans‚· solar home lighting system ‚  Solar Farm
Session II—CSP-Industrial ApplicationsVisit to PV installation Site/Hands-on Training session afterlunch

Call for corporate, entrepreneurs, professionals who are interested inmaking a difference by stepping in to and expanding the solar industry . Itwill be specially useful for businessmen, architects & developers for capacity building.And for government and local authority officials to create awareness about Solar.Lectures and interactive sessions by leading/Top experts in industry,academia and government.

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