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Shreyasi - International Dance Festival 2011: Universal Prayer for the Welfare of Mankind.

Ministry of Tourism and Culture Government of Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with Natya Tarangini Raja and Radha Reddy Institute of Kuchipudi Dance are planning an International Festival of dance in India titled Parampara Series 'Shreyasi'. The Festival is planned for 5 days, featuring five International dance groups from countries such as USA, Spain, Turkey, Russia and India.

'Shreyasi' is conceptualised as a universal Prayer for the welfare of mankind. The dancers from across the world will come together irrespective of their language, religion, traditions and cultures to address contemporary issues in the world through their unique art forms and path breaking creativity.

Almost every major country across the world, hosts an International Dance Festival. These Festivals enable the local people of the country to experience various dances from across the world without stepping out of the country, at the same time giving the tourists from outside the country a reason to come visit India. For instance Avignon Festival - France, Adelaide Festival of Australia, Edinburg festival - Scotland, Salzburg Festival - Austria, Singapore Arts Festivaland so on.

Although India as a country has come into its own, it is not yet host to a dance festival of an International stature. This is why we decided to plan a festival along the lines of the great festivals mentioned above for the very first time in our very own India.

Wednesday 16th Feb

Thursday 17th Feb

Friday 18th Feb

Saturday 19th Feb

Sunday 20th Feb

 Russian Dance Troupe

  Spain Dance Troupe

  Turkey Dance Troupe

   India Dance Troupe

   USA Dance Troupe


Moscow Classical Ballet


Jose Porcel

Flamenco Dance


Istanbul dance Ensemble

Dervish Dance


Raja Radha Reddy

Kuchipudi dance


Paul Taylor 2

Contemporary Dance

 Shilpakala Vedika

 7:00 – 8:30p.m.

  Global Peace Auditorium, Gachibowli

  7:00 - 8:30 p.m.


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