Shani Jayanti 2016 - Shani Puja/Homam

Shani Jayanti 2016 - Shani Puja/Homam


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Shani Jayanti 2016 - Shani Puja/Homam

Live Webcast on Jun 5th 2016 @ 4.30 PM – 9.30PM IST

Shani Jayanti, is the day when Lord Shani (Saturn), one among the navagrahas made its appearance on earth. Shani Jayanti is very appropriate day to appease Lord Shani dev to seek blessings from him and to remove the malefic effects of the planet Saturn.

Vedicfolks feels very grateful to conduct Shani Puja/ Homam on the special day of Shani Jayanti to overcome negative affliction of Saturn, legal disputes, sorrows, miseries, evil effects and misfortunes.

Shani jayanthi for this year commences on June 5th which is a very Special day to worship Lord Shani because its falls on amavasya tithi of Vaishakha month.

Shani Jayanti Significance:

All planets have a certain impact on a person’s life and destiny. One among them is Saturn which is the most adverse planet in nature. It’s a symbolic interpretation of cruelty and irritations in life for people. It leads to apprehensions of accidents, chronic diseases, depression of mind, retardation in business, enmity and financial crisis.

Shani Jayanti has special significance for individuals whose horoscopes are afflicted by shani graha. Shani graha exerts greatest influence in an individual’s birth chart. If you are affected by the period of shani dhosa the malefic effects of shani are very difficult to sustain. By appeasing Lord Shani dev on the appropriate day you can get relief from all the troubles caused by Saturn.

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