Shakes & Drinks Promotion At Island Bar

Shakes & Drinks Promotion At Island Bar


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Shakes & Drinks Promotion At Island Bar. Choices Of Drinks & Shakes Range From:

Shakes: Springbok Frozen (baileys Irish cream and cream de menthe blended with cream served over crushed ice sparkles with chocolate); Tropical punch (a delightful combination of tropical flavours with coconut rum, blue curacao and pineapple), Peaches and blush (soothing flavour of peaches made interesting with peach flavoured vodka and peach schnapps blended with ice cream) etc.

Drinks: Lost in the sunset (classic mix of vodka, triple sec, pineapple and orange juice topped with soda), Midnight rouge (vodka shaken with pernod and cranberry juice topped with sprite), Pink Habbit (dry gin shaken with benedictine and splash of grenadine topped with grapefruit juice) etc.

Pricing Details:

Price: Range Rs. 375-425 plus taxes per drink

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