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Selenium workshop for Bangalore


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About The Event

This workshop is intended for manual testers those who don’t have exposure to ing in Java and writing Automation tests. It is completely hands-on and you will be guided to create your own s throughout the workshop. In addition to ing in Selenium, this workshop will also cover examples of Automation frameworks using Selenium, TestNG and Ant


About Trainer:             

Aparna Naik, is software testing consultant with 14+ years of extensive experience in Automation Testing. Have implemented Automation frameworks at various companies like PC Connection, IBM, Amdocs. She is now running DestinationQA – offering Software Testing services, consultancy and training.



Course Outline          

Day 1

  • Starting with Selenium

ü  What is Selenium?

ü  Selenium’s Tool Suite


  • WebDriver Basics

ü  Driver for Firefox and IE

ü  Working with objects using id, name, linkname, class, xpath, tagname, CSS

ü  Handling Input Box/Buttons, links

ü  Handling Radio Buttons, CheckBoxes, Combobox

ü  Finding and working with multiple elements

ü  Hands-on Exercises


  • More on locators

ü  Choosing right locator

ü  Building your own CSS and Xpath

ü  Hands-on Exercise

Day 2

Handling Pop up Windows

ü  Handling Java s

ü  Hands-on Exercises



ü  Implicit Wait

ü  Explicit Wait

ü  Handling Ajax Autosuggests

ü  Hands-on Exercises


WebDriver Advanced

ü  Taking Screenshot

ü  Window Handles

ü  Mouse Hover

ü  Mouse Drag

ü  Handling frames



ü  What is TestNG, TestNG Annotations

ü  Running a Test using TestNG.xml

ü  Data Provider

ü  Assertions / Error Reporting

ü  Hands-on Exercise


Day 3

  • Page Object Model

ü  What is POM?

ü  POM with Page Factory

ü  Hands-on Exercise


  • Automation Frameworks

ü  What is an Automation Framework?

ü  What is Data Driven Framework

ü  Advantages of Data Driven Framework


  • Building Frameworks

ü  Reading from an Excel File

ü  Writing to an Excel File

ü  Building Base Class

ü  Creating Page Objects

ü  Executing tests multiple times using data from Excel

ü  Hands-on Exercise

Executing tests using Ant from command line

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