Book Online Tickets for Secure North 2011 Exhibition & Conferenc, Chandigarh. We are pleased to  inform you that CII North Region is  organising Secure North 2011 Expo  & Conference, scheduled to be held on 4 – 6 April 2011 at CII Convention  Centre, Chandigarh. Now  this is the time to cast your eyes on Chandigarh,

Secure North 2011 Exhibition & Conference


About The Event

We are pleased to inform you that CII North Region is organising Secure North 2011 Expo & Conference, scheduled to be held on 4 – 6 April 2011 at CII Convention Centre, Chandigarh.

Now this is the time to cast your eyes on Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, H.P., U.P., Uttarakhand & J&K. Participation of these states will definitely add value to the event & your products/services.

This event will address issues pertaining to growing challenges of security regulations & modernization in the North India and also aims to provide most advanced technological solutions for Homeland, Industrial, Residential, Border & Cyber Security, and Fire Safety relevant for the various stakeholders.

As this region is modernizing & developing, security & safety needs are also growing with a steady pace.

Chandigarh is no where behind from Delhi or any metropolitan city in terms of Infrastructure & potential. This region has one international Air Port in Amritsar & Domestic air port in Chandigarh which is also under plan for International. Chandigarh Metro Rail is one of the major projects going to start very shortly. This region has PCA stadium for International Cricket matches & very sensitive place for security. This region also has India’s major Military/Army recruiting stations and Air force base stations in Ambala Cantt & Chandi Mandir, Chandigarh.

This region also very sensitive since it is very close to border. We also have good railway network which connects it with all other neighboring cities.


Such infrastructure of the region creating the need of Safety & Security whether it is Crime, Fire Safety, Terrorism, Disaster Management OR IT threats.  

Mr Vinod Duggal, Former Home Secretary, Government of India has kindly consented to Chair the event.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has been invited to partner with the event.
Home Secretary’s and Joint Secretary’s from Punjab and Haryana; DGPs of Northern Region; Chief Ministers; State Ministers; Paramilitary Forces and Armed Forces are also invited for this unique event.

Kindly note that this exhibition is not just the product display in fact this is an endeavor to display latest technologies & solutions available in the industry to combat these security & fire safety issues.

 Secure North 2011 will display unique technologies such as TETRA, C4I Solutions, CRBN, IDS, GPS, GIS & much more first time in any show. Pls find detailed expo scope mentioned below:

Security -  Commercial, Homeland, Border, Aviation, Cyber

 ü        Safety & Security Solutions:

o         Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I Solution Providers)

o         Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) Technology

o         Explosion Detection & Protection Systems for all type of explosives like Liquid, Chemicals, blasting agents etc.)

o         Bomb Detection & Disposal Systems

o         Emergency Aid Equipment/Emergency Response Management

o         Anti Riot Equipment, Anti Theft Systems

o         Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

o         Integrated Security Management Systems

o         Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

o         Chemical, Radiological, Biological, and Nuclear (CRBN)

o         Perimeter Security Solutions

o         Access Control Systems

o         Building Management Systems

ü        Tracking & Screening Solutions:

o         MagShoe

o         Vehicle Location Tracking

o         Traffic Management

o         Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

o         Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

o         X-Ray & Screening

o         Crime & Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS)

o         Technology for Identification of people/Body Scans:

§          Voice Security Technology

§          Fingerprints Readers

§          Eye Scan Technology

§          Biometric Systems

o         Central Station Monitoring

 ü        CCTV & Alarm Solutions:

o         CCTV Cameras

o         Monitoring & Control Systems/Softwares

o         IP Cameras/ Surveillance

o         IP Intruder Alarm Systems

o         Remote Video Surveillance

o         Wireless Surveillance & Alarm Systems

o         Servers

o         Network Video Recorder (NVR) Solutions

o         Infra Red Cameras

o         Alarm Bells

o         Control Panels

o         Digital Video Motion Detectors

o         Home Automation Systems

 ü        Cyber Security:

o         Data Storage & Recovery Solutions

o         Firewalls

o         Internet Surveillance

o         Network Security Solutions (NetSec)

o         LAN / WAN Software

o         Ethic Hacking System


Fire Safety


o                     Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems

o                     Smoke Detectors & Fire Alarms

o                     Compressed Foam Systems

o                     CO2 Gas & Extinguishing Systems & Sprinklers

o                     Extinguishing Agents & Foam Agents

o                     Foam Trailers / Trucks

o                     Water Mist Systems

o                     Aircraft Firefighting

o                     Chemicals (Fire Resistant)

o                     Fire Resistance Glass, Paint & Coating and Electric Plugs & Wires

o                     Explosion Protection Systems

o                     Fire Safety Clothing & Shoes

o                     Fire Doors

o                     Fire Pumps & Nozzles

o                     Breathing Apparatus

o                     Petrochemical & Refinery Protection

Disaster Management


ü        Search, Rescue, Safety Tools & Equipment: Cutting Equipment, Diving Equipment, Rescue Equipment Kit, Forcible Entry Tools, Jacks (Hydraulic/Pneumatic), Life Rafts, Searchlights, Location Beacons, Night Vision Equipment, Hearing & Ear Protection, Spreading Tools, Thermal Imaging Equipment, Water Rescue Equipment, Rescue Boat Winches

ü        Major Accident Management/Emergency Response Equipment: Ambulance Vehicles, Bomb Handling Equipment, Barriers, Controlled Burning Equipment, Disaster Recovery Planning, Earthquake Safety Equipment & Services, Environmental Systems, First Aid Kit & Equipment, Helicopters (Rescue / Firefighting), Landing Kits (Portable), Rescue Boats / Hovercraft, Shelters & Tents, Stretchers, Sleeping Bags


ü        Disaster Relief and Assistance, Shelter & Tenting: Command & Controlled Systems, Environmental Systems, Land-Mine Clearance Systems, Location Beacons, Minefield Clearance, Mobile Catering, Mobile Heating & Cooling, Rapid Intervention Vehicles, Shelter & Tenting, Toxic Waste Clearance, Water Purification and Supply, Emergency Shelter, Portable Toilets, Emergency Food & Water Supplies, NGO’s, Training Institutes

ü        Emergency Medical Services (EMS): Hospital Response Kit, Ambulance Vehicles & Accessories, Burn Treatment & Kits Supplies, Decontamination / Safety Showers, First Aid Kits & Supplies, Oxygen & Respiratory Equipment & Airlines, Spine board, Telemedicine, Emergency Bags, Emergency Survival Kit, Emergency Accessories Kit

ü        Communication: Emergency Communication Systems, Radio Systems, Mobile Command Systems, Radios & Pagers, Softwares etc.

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