Book Online Tickets for Saksham - Train The Trainer , NewDelhi. “What We Learn To Do, We Learn By Doing”Program ObjectiveThis course is designed to help the individual Executives who are not (at least not yet) Professional Trainer (A Professional Trainer is one who can perform Training Functions 

Saksham - Train The Trainer


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About The Event

“What We Learn To Do, We Learn By Doing”
Program ObjectiveThis course is designed to help the individual Executives who are not (at least not yet) Professional Trainer (A Professional Trainer is one who can perform Training Functions without supervision whatsoever).

The focus is on those Executives who have the potential to train a group of individuals in the Organization - a task for which s/he has little prior experience.

This training can strike fear into the heart of even the most skilled and experienced employee. It can feel really daunting standing up in front of others as the 'expert'

To familiarize those spirited Employees who are ready and willing to dedicate their energy, time, Intelligence and efforts to “know” the Basics of Training,

 “Understand” them crystal clear and then declare their “intent” to apply the knowledge and the Skills” so acquired

 To become Champion Trainers who will, in turn, train the others in their Organization’s and elsewhere by building newer capabilities (Positive Attitudes, Skills and Competencies) so as to be Better than Before, to “Perform Better than Before” and consequently become “Good to Great Achievers”.

Program Highlights:

 The Program is designed to be all through Learners-Focused, Interactive Uplifting and Life time Experience.

Learning will be induced in the Learners with utmost Care, Compassion and Credibility at Learner’s own Pace and Progress watched 

Role-Plays,Learning-by-Doing, Individual Mock Presentations, Simulation Sessions, Audio-Video Recording, Replays and Feedback will abound

 For Crystal Clarity of Concepts and General Understanding, the Trainers Team will almost Hand-hold and establish Mentor-Mentee Interface

Focus will be on facilitating “disassociation” with false and Unhelpful Beliefs and Unproductive Behavior and instantly “replacing” them with Helpful Work

Validation of Good Going at every sign/signal of progress will happen. 

Our Approach

Trainer Training is about enlivening, inspiring and motivating the people who will be with us during this Training Program, giving them simple usable skills, and making the  training room a really fun and expanding/evolving place to be.

 The Participants have to be willing to be well prepared and able to handle whatever happens in the Training Sessions /Room with panache, flair and professionalism.

 The learners will have fun while they are learning. Our Facilitators have been able to involve Trainees and engage emotions as well as their minds. You will see the  involvement, and you will feel the energy.

 The trainees will practice something new, find it doesn't work, try something else, find it doesn't work, try a third thing and find that it does; all within the safe confines of the workshop environment.

 They experience immediate results. Even if they don't practice these new ways of  behaving right away in the 'real world' they have the knowledge that they are capable ofdoing something different when and if they choose.

 The most obvious is the fact that a workshop is a shared experience Participants are also able to see themselves in relation to other people, which add a dimension to the work unavailable at present.

 During the Program the Trainees will look at their people skills weren't as effective as they could be. In this setting people get a chance to practice with others different ways of behaving that will create more positive outcomes

Program Expertise:

Our Trainers are best able to guide/train others because we have learned the ways to achieve the Training Goals (Training the Trainees to become Effective Home-Grown Trainers in most cost-effective way within shortest possible time).

Program Methodology:

The Trainers Team will deliver the specially designed Module in 4 Sequential Stages namely:

This training is preparation on a Self-Scoring basis. This means the Trainee-Trainer scan take the course at their own rhythm and pace, lesson by lesson, doing the exercises along.

Once validated by the Facilitators, Kritarth Consulting Private Limited will deliver to Trainee-Trainers a Certificate of Completion, which will prove both your participation and successful completion of the training.

Participants will learn during this Program to:

1) Recognize the importance of considering the participants and their training needs, including the different learning styles and adult learning principles

2) Know how to write objectives and evaluate whether these objectives have been met at the end of a training session.

3) Develop an effective Personalized yet Professional Training Style, usingappropriate training aids and techniques.

4) Conduct a short group training session that incorporates these training concepts and Techniques.

5) Understand the key principles of effective communication in a workshop setting

6) Identify strategies to create a no-risk environment, Use a variety of training techniques to stimulate participation.

7) Develop a plan and prepare for an effective training session 

8) Practice thinking on your feet in a safe environment

9) Identify advanced interventions for difficult/ unwelcome situations,

10) Develop strategies for handling hecklers, bullies, and other disruptive participants.

11) Practice the skills needed for a team presentation

12) Present information in a clear, concise, engaging manner.

13) Understand and identify different behavioral styles and adapt training as necessary. Participants will demonstrate their understanding of new material through completion of case studies.

Your Takeaways:

By the end of this Workshop, the Trainees will

Gain Confidence to Single-handedly Design and Deliver Training Programs unsupervised as a Professional Trainer,

Gain strengthening Will Power to stand before the Audience and Address the Trainees, fearlessly,

Gain courage and charisma to inspire and motivate the Trainees to transform Attitudes to Work, Workplace and the other Workers Make learning and development exciting and creative

Course fees includes

Course Reference Handbook Facilitator Guide worth Rs. 4,500/- absolutely free)

Luncheon on all 3 days, tea / coffee twice during sessions

Completion Certificate

Video Clippings (on CD) of individual practice sessions.

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