• Advance Registration Fee ( 3rd Year) [ Fee Rs. 9000 ]

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  • Advance Registration Fee ( 2nd Year) [ Fee Rs. 7000 ]

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  • Advance Registration Fee ( 1stYear) [ Fee Rs. 5000 ]

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About The Event

open-embedded is a Embedded based application design institute powered by GVC Pvt. Ltd. ‘OPEN EMBEDDED’ as the name suggests is a open platform in Embedded where any person who seeks to gain knowledge in electronics and embedded. We focus upon providing the latest and wide technology range to students and deals with the new range of controllers and IDE(INTEGRATED DESIGN ENVIRONMENT) used in the present industry about which students are mostly unaware.

We aim at producing the young engineers capable of incubating their own ideas. We give them a platform in the technology and teach them the basic design as well as high end designs of the electronic devices. We expertise in providing training to corporate, institutes and individuals.

open-embedded offers a Industrial Awareness Program(exclusive of its type) for 1st year

Major problem with most of the students is awareness according to a survey conducted by us with more than 500 students across the state. This module is specially designed for those who want to know about Electronic and related industries. We will be covering Embedded, semiconductors, communication, software and hardware industries. The program will be delivered by industry professionals and have interactive sessions. The students will also get the assessment on how to become Employable and what to focus on and how to focus on in building a smooth career ahead.

open-embedded  offering a Summer Training and Internship program for 2nd year and 3rd year student in Embedded System and Application Design.

The modern life is unimaginable without embedded system. It is mainly due to the fact that our cell phones, pagers, answering machines, microwave ovens, televisions, CD and DVD players, video game consoles, remote controls, fax machines, washing machine and almost everything include embedded system. Present automobiles also contains embedded microprocessors for controlling tasks like antilock breaking, climate control, engine control, audio system control, and airbag deployment. Even bikes have microprocessor for displaying and controlling other tasks. Embedded system has its role to play in almost every industry whether its of electronics, computer science or mechanical.

  This increasing demand of embedded system and its design in every facet of life has made the soaring demand of embedded engineers very high.

Vision of open-embedded Summer Training & Internship Program

  • Trainings to our Intern students and prepare them with actual Industry experience. 
  • Training on Industry’s latest trends and technologies.
  • Projects under guidance of experts.
  • Provide advanced level training to individuals seeking exciting careers.
  • Facilitating environment where interns can enhance their skills along with regular course content.

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