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About The Event

Do you want to have more MONEY & more HAPPINESS in your life?


Do you know that no amount of Hardwork can make you Rich?


Do you know that no amount of Money can give you lasting Happiness & Peace?

Discover the answers to above in SPIRITUAL BILLIONAIRE workshop.


what is Spiritual Billionaire Workshop?

Everyone wants to be happy, peaceful, have loving & harmonious relationships & Money for living good lifestyle but the fact is most of the people are stressed, insecure, have strained relationship, struggling financially & living an unfulfilling life.

The fundamental cause for above problems is lack of Money & Spiritual Growth of an individual. Unfortunately our Education system do not train people how to be HAPPY, PEACEFUL & PROSPEROUS.


Spritual Billionaire Workshop is designed to share with people the Fundamental Principles of Money & Spirituality which when practiced will bring joy, peace & prosperity in their lives as well as othes.


Key Learnings from Workshop:

  • 9 Steps to Achieve anything in life
  • 6 Spiritual based Money Principles
  • Secret to Unlimited Wealth
  • How to grow Materially & Spiritually.
  • How to find Money Making opportunity anywhere.
  • What makes a person poor, Middleclass or Rich.
  • Learn in 2 days, what most people never learn in their lifetime.
  • Much much more....



  • Attract money making opportunities in life.
  • Flow of money will start increasing in your life.
  • Be clear with What it takes to be Happy & Rich.
  • Start living confidently that you can be Rich as well as Spiritual.
  • Enjoy lots of money without guilt.
  • Have loving & harmonious relations with people.
  • New possibilities will open up in areas of Money, Relationships, Business & Life.
  • much much more....


Facilitator: Jitendra Gupta( Happiness & Prosperity Coach)

Jitendra Gupta is the Founder of Spiritual Billionaire Trainings & Coachings. He has trained thousands of people in area of Money, spirituality, Relationships, Success, Bussiness, etc.


By applying the principles taught in this workshop Jitendra Gupta earned in 1 month what he used to earn in 1 year.



"I was eagerly waiting for this workshop since last 6 months & today I am blessed by the fresh wisdom about “spiritual Billionaire”. I receive the complete clarity as to how spirituality & money (matter) are connected to each other & it actually one not separate from each other.so now no block is present in my consciousness"

- Sandeep M. Chandorkar – project Management professional (Pune)

"This workshop is a fantastic experience! I have changed the way I am perceiving my present life scenario, the way in which promotes me. Rather than going for limited prosperity, excel myself into unlimited prosperity.
I strongly recommend to do through this soul searching workshop to all who are seeking a life of their dreams"

- Chandrahas Umrania – Interior Designer, Trainer (Mumbai)

"It is workshop that you must attend if you want a sustainable method to achieve spiritual & material (money) growth as well as go beyond the boundaries of your imagination. But for that you must implement the principles from workshop"

- SagarMunot–Textile Manufacturer (Solapur)

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