SME Conference 2011 - Going Beyond India - Competing in a Globalised Economy

SME Conference 2011 - Going Beyond India - Competing in a Globalised Economy


About The Event

It’s a well known fact that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the drivers of the Indian economy. While most of the world was dipped in recession last year, India still managed to put up a decent growth story driven largely by SMEs. In short, SMEs have and continue to significantly contribute to industrial, economic technological and regional developments.

Over the past few years, the development of SMEs has been linked to globalization. While globalization has opened up various growth avenues, there are challenges which SME's grapple with on a day-to-day basis:

    Learning to Compete and Not Just Survive in the Globalized Economy
    Overcoming Challenges in Scaling up to the Next Level
    Building a Differentiator — Creating Innovative Products & Processes
    Setting Up Organizational Framework with Global Quality Standards
    Managing Cash Flow
    Understanding the Best Funding Options — Debt Vs Equity
In order to address some of the above challenges faced by SMEs and to vitalize them for global competitiveness and sustainable growth, TIE Delhi-NCR in association with is proud to present a unique platform "Going Beyond India — Competing in a Globalized Economy" on January 14,2010.

The focus of the event is to look at the critical elements which go into helping SMEs' compete in a globalised economy. This daylong event will emphasize on practical, implementable strategies that SMEs can incorporate in their businesses to achieve success.

So book your seat and take your enterprise to a global level!

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