SMB Forum 2011@Aurangabad on 29th July 2011

SMB Forum 2011@Aurangabad on 29th July 2011


About The Event

IT Essentials for Success

 Now that business is booming again for most Indian companies, it's time to re-visit your IT infrastructure and ensure that it's in line with your business objectives. There are certain elements in an IT infrastructure that must be added if not already there, and optimized if you already have them. That's why this time, our event series would focus on understanding what these essential elements are and how they can help your business.

Event Highlights:

  • How to use technologies like virtualization to reduce your power bills

  • Learn about online technologies for enhancing your brand visibility and improving sales of your products and services

  • Live examples on how other SMBs have used essential technologies to make their business more efficient and productive.

  • Learn to compare products on merit before buying a power solution for your IT infrastructure

  • Panel discussion on how to tune your IT to sync with your business needs.

  • Presentations by technology experts from PCQuest and its partners.

  • Advice from well-known industry leaders from your city.

  • Case studies by experts from companies like your own.

  • Sessions by experts from PCQuest on how to use technology

  • Networking over cocktails and dinners

  • Lucky draw and exciting prizes for audience

About Us

 Since the past few years, PCQuest is reaching out to SMB sectors in India to help them select the right technologies. With the help of SMB Forum series, we identify the needs of the prominent SMB markets in India and provide them with information on new and helpful technologies.

The series provides a platform with prominent names from the same markets and our experts to discuss their local issues related to IT.

SMB Senario in India:

The small and medium businesses (SMB) sector in India plays a vital role in the growth of the country. The SMB sector in India accounts for around 95% of the industrial units, almost 40% of the gross industrial value-added in the Indian economy, 34% of exports and provides direct employment to 20 million persons in around 3.6 million registered SME units. The SMB sector in India contributes to about 7% of India's gross domestic product (GDP).


SMB sector in India faces a number of problems -

  • Absence of adequate and timely banking finance

  • Limited knowledge and non-availability of suitable technology

  • Low production capacity

  • Ineffective marketing and identification of new markets

  • Constraints on modernisation and expansions

  • Non-availability of highly skilled labour at affordable cost


 In today's world, most SMBs in India can do little without the use of technology in all aspects, whether it is their production,management, finance, administration, distribution or marketing. Technology has become a vital component for most SMBs that helps them gain a competitive advantage, cope with the pressures to slash capital expenditures and also enables them to stay on the forefront of innovation.

Other Highlights:

  • A combination of seminars, live demos + IT Expo

  • Lucky draw and exciting prizes for audience

  • Sessions by experts from PCQuest on how to use technology

  • Networking over cocktails and dinners

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