Book Online Tickets for SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPU, Bhubaneswa. Second International Conference on Computational Vision and Robotics (ICCVR-2011)Computer Vision and Robotic is one of the most challenging area of 21st century. Its application ranges from Humanoid to Man-less-plant, Deep-sea-application to Space ap



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Second International Conference on Computational Vision and Robotics (ICCVR-2011)
Computer Vision and Robotic is one of the most challenging area of 21st century. Its application ranges from Humanoid to Man-less-plant, Deep-sea-application to Space application, Agriculture to Medicine, House hold good to Industries. Today’s technologies demand to produce intelligent machine, which are enabling applications in various domains and services.  Robotics is one such area which encompasses number of technology in it and its application is wide spread.  Computational or machine vision is the most challenging tool for the robot to make it intelligent. To perceive the real world scenario which is 3D in nature from the normal camera which takes images in 2D plane is the most challenging job for the researchers who are working in this area.

International Conference on Computational Vision and Robotics (ICCVR-2011) aims to provide a forum for presentation of new research results and demonstration of new systems and techniques in the area of Computer Vision and Robotics.  The conference aims to bring together developers, users, academicians and researchers in the this area and business community for sharing and exploring new areas of research and development and to discuss emerging issues facing business organizations in the knowledge economy.

ICCVR-2011 is the Second International conference of its kind is going to be held during 13th-14th August, 2011  in Bhubaneswar. It is named as  International Conference on Computational Vision and Robotics. It is now the most challenging area in the field of robotics and its application.

Conference Proceedings
Proceedings of the ICCVR 2011 shall be published by IPM Pvt. Ltd, India.. All delegates registering with full conference fees will be given a complementary copy of the same.

Publication of Selected Articles
The selected papers shall be published in an Encyclopedia on Computational Vision and Robotics by World Scientific Publishing Co.

The conference committee has already got the confirmation from International Journal of Information and Communication Technology and International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics to publish a special issue each on the conference theme.

The conference will deal in the following areas:

  1. Robotics
  2. Early vision and vision systems
  3. Cognition   
  4. Theory, data structures and representations
  5. Intelligent Sensors and Actuators   
  6. Computational geometry
  7. Pattern recognition,
  8. face recognition   
  9. Signal or image processing
  10. Diagrammatic knowledge representation and reasoning   
  11. Shape, range and motion analysis
  12. Architecture and languages   
  13. Feature selection, dimension reduction, pattern classification and recognition
  14. Parallel computer vision   
  15. Learning classifiers
  16. Interactive computational models   
  17. Support vector machines
  18. Biological vision   
  19. Computational intelligence in Vision
  20. Alternative eyes   
  21. Computer vision (including machine vision cognitive vision and robot vision)
  22. 3D vision and perception   
  23. Image models and transforms
  24. Monocular and stereo vision   
  25. Computational geometry
  26. Modeling of human visual perception   
  27. Medical imaging
  28. AI application in computer vision  (Artificial neural networks,  Fuzzy logic and fuzzy systems, Evolutionary algorithms, Rough sets and granular computing)   
  29. Innovative uses of various graphic and vision devices and systems
  30. Multi-sensory data fusion   
  31. Image synthesis, including three-dimensional imaging and solid modeling
  32. Scene analysis, modeling, and understanding   
  33. Computer-aided graphic arts and animation
  34. Machine vision   
  35. Mathematical approaches to image processing, analysis, and synthesis
  36. Pattern matching and pattern recognition   
  37. Visualization and graphical data presentation
  38. Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction   
  39. Sensor/Ad hoc Networks

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