SBF Launches Indias First Non-Surgical Helpline for Arthritis

SBF Launches Indias First Non-Surgical Helpline for Arthritis


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Indian patients suffering from Arthritis or showing any symptoms of joint pain can now avail free consultation by simply dialling an Arthritis helpline, launched for the first time in India by SBF Healthcare.


According to recent statistics, Arthritis is rising on an alarming rate and studies have shown that over 180 million people have been affected by it in India alone. Arthritis, especially Osteoarthiritis is the second largest rheumatologic problem and the most frequently occurring joint disease among Indians, especially in women.


Speaking on the occasion, Wg Cdr (Dr) VG Vasishta (Retd), Founder & CEO, SBF Healthcare expressed his pleasure & stated “Finally, we have a one stop non-surgical, painless solution to all your queries about arthritis, be it the symptoms or treatment & management.  Our aim to launch such a helpline is to ensure that people get the right medical advice, clear misconceptions, learn more about non-invasive and non-surgical treatment options of this disease.”


SBF Healthcare, the pioneers of the breakthrough SPMF therapy (Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field) for Osteoarthritis, Spine ailments and Cancer effectively utilizes radio-frequency magnetic field beams that sensitize and re-create the missing biological stimulus necessary for cellular regeneration of cartilage . This unique technology is a painless and affordable alternative to treating certain types of cancers and effective regeneration of articular cartilage in case of Osteoarthritis, without any side effects. It halts the progress of disease and increases cellular strength and its functionality.


SBF Healthcare is headquartered in Bangalore along with its presence in Mumbai and is equipped with state of the art equipment and a dedicated team of expert consultants who have treated more than 6500 cases of Osteoarthritis, as of today. With this technology SBF Healthcare is able to treat diseases like Arthritis, spinal problems, Cancer and other related ailments.


SBF Healthcare will give free consultation to patients through its helpline, about non-invasive and non-surgical, cost effective alternatives for treating Arthritis. 


Patients can dial on this number 8884149984 to get free consultation by experts for general awareness on arthritis, second opinion, and other treatment possibilities.

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