Romance With Your Fears -Free Workshop With Miss Ethnic India

Romance With Your Fears -Free Workshop With Miss Ethnic India


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About The Event

Hello Mates ,

HappyMates ( a fastest growing community on social networking websites invites you to Workshop by Miss Ethnic Monisha Doley "Romance With Your Fears" on 24 April 2016.

       Romance With Your Fears - Free Workshop With Miss Ethnic India!

“If you know who walks besides you in the path you have chosen,Fear would be Impossible.”! 

                                                                                                                                   - A Course In Miracles

Are you stumped by this beautiful quote above? Isn’t it magnificent and so profound?!

Wooooh!! I can’t tell you how much this quote means to me. This is the secret to my courage and confidence with which i move through life.

I quit my job, became an entrepreneur, wrote and published a bestselling book and won the title of CRAFTSVILLA MISS ETHNIC INDIA 2015 and living a miraculous life because i live and breathe this quote.Not just this one alone…many more like this.

I don’t even have to ask you if you have any Fears? 

Because i know no one, on this planet who has absolutely no fears..if any one is saying so…that person is LYING!It’s humanely impossible to have no Fears.

At least i am not one who is fearless. I am scared…just like anyone..Fear shows up anytime.. different places.. different faces. Any moment…

But the amazing thing is i have learned some amazing ways to handle FEAR. How to Romance Your Fears? :) I have learned how to use my fears to work for me and not against me.

Sounds Interesting? Wanna know more about them? 

Then i welcome you to Join me in this FREE Seminar “ROMANCE WITH YOUR FEARS”. I will share with You How you too can Romance your Fears and live a miraculous life.

What to Expect? 
- Discussion on Law of Attraction 
- Discussion on A course In Miracles 
- Strategies on How to make your Fears work for you 
- How to have more confidence and take inspired actions? 

Note- This is a Free Introductory Seminar. There will be a “ROMANCE WITH YOUR FEARS- MASTERCLASS.” It’ s a paid Seminar. Only those who attends the introductory FREE seminar can enroll for the MASTERCLASS.

Fee for workshop :- Free 

Capacity :50 Members only

So just RSVP and Drop your confirmation on 9920321224

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