Workshop on Robotics + Internet of things

Workshop on Robotics + Internet of things


  • Robotics+ Internet of things

    Workshop on Robotics + Internet of things.

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About The Event

Workshop on Robotics + Internet of things.

 The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” is changing our world and the rapid drop in price for typical IoT components is allowing people to innovate new designs and products at home. In this first class in the specialization you will learn the importance of IoT in society, the current components of typical IoT devices and trends for the future. IoT design considerations, constraints and interfacing between the physical world and your device will also be covered using NODE MCU developmetn kit . You will also learn how to make design trade-offs between hardware and software. We'll also cover key components of Interfacing sensors to the robot and remotely sending data to the cloud platform and analysing the data.


IoT describes a system where items in the physical world, and sensors within or attached to these items, are connected to the Internet via wireless and wired Internet connections. These sensors can use various types of local area connections such as RFID, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. Sensors can also have wide area connectivity such as GSM, GPRS, 3G, and LTE


DAY -1



Introduction to IOT and Robotics

·  Why IOT? Why NOW?

·  Future of IOT.

·  IOT Enabling technologies

·  Major companies in IOT

·  End to end IOT Architecture

·  Embedded system, sensors and actuators

·  Hardware platforms for IOT

·  IOT Communication and network protocols

·  Gateways

·  Importance of Gateways

·  Cloud, Big data, Big data Analytics

·  Visualizations


IOT Connectivity methods(Discussion)

·  Wireless 101

·  ZigBee PRO, ZigBee

3.0 and ZigBee IP

·  6LowPAN


·  Bluetooth LE or Bluetooth Smart Technology

·  Z-Wave


·  Sensors and sensor netwo


·  Wired connectivity

·  IPv4/IPv6

·  Real-time systems  and embedded software


Hands on  IOT using Open source ESP8266 module/NodeMCU

·  Introduction to ESP8266 module

·  Pin configurations and AT Commands

·  Basic I/o Controlling mechanism

·  Sensors  and Actuators

·  How sensors play a vital role in IOT.

·  Practical’s to analyses sensor data (Humidity sensor , Proximity sensor data)

·  Creating an Automated Cause and Effect system

·  Sample Project:

·  Automation of Device using web app.

·  Data Analytic s 

·  Sending sensor data to cloud platform

·  Big data analytic s on clod (Visualizations)

·  Complete end to end project on Gathering sensor data and Visualizing on cloud platform




·  Robotics in future

·  How IOT and Robotics combination will explore more opportunities

·  Robotics in Different sectors

·  Hands on Robotics

·  Understanding The driving Mechanisms of Robot

·  Discussing Motors, Motor drivers

·  Android App controlled App controlled Robot


Project on Robotics and IOT combination.


We request you to bring Laptops for the workshop as we would be giving necessary software’s.




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