Recent Trends in Alternate Energy @ NIT, Calicut, 9th to 10th June 2011

Recent Trends in Alternate Energy @ NIT, Calicut, 9th to 10th June 2011


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The increasing depletion of earth’s natural recourses has forced scientists to find the sources of alternate energy.  Considering the energy security and the global environment, there is a vital need to develop non-polluting energy from renewable sources, could substitute non-renewable fossil fuels.  

Alternative energy is important because fossil fuels exist in limited reserves. Moreover, the consumption of fossil fuels is associated with unsavory environmental and medical consequences. The rising oil import bill is causing various nations to actively explore alternative forms of energy. in a bid to buy up their respective economies. Several types of alternative energy are easily available, commercially viable and practically applicable. The energy scenario of the world over can be expected to turn much more variegated, innovative and conscious of environmental concerns in the times to come. 

The main objectives are

  • Explore the right technologies to provide a reliable supply of energy to the world, making their use more efficient. 
  • To find the most cost effective way of producing alternate energy in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Inspire new energy strategies that devote attention to the rational development of alternatives so that their use can be increased at a realistic pace.
  • To exchange the experience of researchers & technocrats to develop solutions for the tremendous challenges present in energy market.


The committee welcomes paper on these topics.
Please submit your abstract through email to

  •     Energy Security, Climate Change and Economic Development
  •     Novel Energy Conversion DevicesFuel CellsSolar Technologies
  •     Bioenergy TechnologyInnovation in Renewable Energy
  •     Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems


  •     Dr.Radhakrishnan, MNRE, New Delhi
  •     Dr.S Pushpavanam, IIT Madras
  •     Dr.Anuradda Ganesh, IIT Bomaby
  •     Dr.Manoj Neergat, IIT Bomaby
  •     Dr. J.B.Joshi, UICT,Mumbai
  •     Dr. Sreenivas Jayanti, IIT Madras
  •     Dr.Niket Kaisare, IIT Madras
  •     Dr.Sheela Berchmans, CECRI, Karaikudi
  •     Dr. R. R. Sonde, Thermax Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  •     Dr.Suddhasatwa Basu, IIT Delhi
  •     Dr.M.Premalatha, NIT Trichy
  •     Dr.C.Muraleedharan ,  NIT Calicut


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