Product management workshop  in Chennai

Product management workshop in Chennai



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About The Event

Product management is responsible for creating succesful products which is a combination of creating right products and developing products in a right way. Its an unique marriage of art and science. To be a successful product manager, more than just embracing customers, you need to understand 2 other pillars of product management

How long is this workshop?

THe workshop is for a day and we hope to cover most of the basics of our MARKET BASED PRODUCT FRAMEWORK

How much does this cost?

It costs Rs 3000/- which includes your lunch, snacks and material

What is unique about this workshop?

This is the first time a workshop covers the aspects of behavioral economics, design thinking along with customer centric approach. The workshop is conducted by people who have built products and managed teams across leading companies such as PayPal/ebay, SAS Institute, Reliance, TATA, etc. Our course instructors are not academicians as they stilll build products on their own or working for established companies.

The course is supposed to arm you with skill sets that changes the way you percieve creation and development of products.

What is the theme of the workshop?

The workshop is based on our proprietary MARKET BASED PRODUCT FRAMEWORK (MBPF) that has been created with wealth of real time and practical product management experience. The Framework will provide the guiding prinicples in creating great products

Whats in it for you?

At the end of the workshop, you can have practical knowledge that can help you become a better product manager immediately changing the way you work. Our examples coupled with exercise will drive deeper understanding of the subject of the product management.

Who is this workshop for?

This course is targeted at those people responsible for actually defining the products or services that their company produces. Often these people have a product manager title, but sometimes they are product designers, product marketing managers, program managers, engineering managers, lead developers, brand managers and sales personnel. Entrepreneurs in the Internet domain will also find this extremely beneficial

What will you learn?*

  • How to discover products
  • Definition of products
  • Validation of products
  • Development methodology of products
  • Managing other functions suchs as marketing, sales while managing products
  • Tackling of irrationality of users
  • How to create compelling experience through design
  • Creation of design thinking based organisatio
  • Avoiding and being cognizant of common pitfalls in product management 

(* since its a one day workshop, most of this may not be covered in extensive detail)





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